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VinnyS's Avatar VinnyS 06:43 AM 01-08-2013
Besides resolutions, what can potentially be the next best thing for Home Theater Enthusiasts. What technology will take the consumer to the next leap into the future of display.

Spherical screens could be one of them.

What you see is a Digital Globe being exhibited in the main hall at Cape Town's Science Center in South Africa.
As the name suggests, a digital globe is a spherically shaped display screen. Like the old-school globes once common in classrooms, digital globes vary in size, but a typical model is about 24 inches across.
Until recently, cost and technical limitations have largely confined these modern spheres to institutional settings like science centers. But as technology improves and prices fall, it’s growing more likely that a digital orb will someday arrive in a classroom or boardroom — even a living room — near you.
Beyond those, the biggest obstacle is cost: around $43,000 for a 24-inch diameter HyperGlobe from iGlobe of Franklin, N.H.; $40,000 for a 32-inch OmniGlobe from ARC Science of Loveland, Colo., or $21,000 for a 24-inch Magic Planet from the market leader, Global Imagination of Santa Clara, Calif.

These prices, though, are falling. Mike Foody, the C.E.O. of Global Imagination, says that he hopes to have education-discounted prices down to $2,500 within a year or two. If he succeeds, that would be within the price point of other high-tech classroom equipment, like interactive whiteboards.

This sounds interesting...what do you guys think?


PobjoySpecial's Avatar PobjoySpecial 07:10 AM 01-08-2013
VinnyS's Avatar VinnyS 07:19 AM 01-08-2013
Originally Posted by PobjoySpecial View Post

IMO, the next major revolution will be holographic TV. Not "Obi Wan Kenobi" holographic TV, but "seriously, is this a window?" holographic TV.

That's awesome....lol
MSchu18's Avatar MSchu18 12:03 PM 01-08-2013
I dont know why they need to stop at 2 dimensions for pixel projections... they could layer them up to create a third dimension pixel projection. I think adding depth to the equation would be not to dissimilar to rapid prototyping in that the depth projection could be controlled fairly easily.... I'm just sayin.
Brian Hampton's Avatar Brian Hampton 12:05 PM 01-08-2013
Planet Earth would be great on one.

That's about it though.

Closet Geek's Avatar Closet Geek 12:16 PM 01-08-2013
The future is psycho-semantic-insemination that injects the movie into your mind complete with an adrenaline boost and you literally live out the movie. biggrin.gif
VinnyS's Avatar VinnyS 02:30 PM 01-08-2013
Originally Posted by Closet Geek View Post

The future is psycho-semantic-insemination that injects the movie into your mind complete with an adrenaline boost and you literally live out the movie. biggrin.gif

That would be impressive...lol:D
trancemitr's Avatar trancemitr 05:06 PM 01-08-2013
I actually saw one of these globes at an Air Force base. I know it's pricey, but that thing was really impressive. They did a presentation showing the forming of the continents that was amazing.
iansilv's Avatar iansilv 11:48 PM 01-08-2013
They could use one of these things to show everyone Uranus... for 25 grand...
Devedander's Avatar Devedander 12:46 AM 01-09-2013
A sphere I'm inside? Maybe... a globe? No...
Dark Matter's Avatar Dark Matter 01:36 AM 01-09-2013
Jeez, for those pricec I want to see projections of all of the planets in our solar system, all their known moons, the Sun, and throw in Pluto for a discount.
AVTrauma's Avatar AVTrauma 02:52 AM 01-09-2013
I have to agree with Devedander, maybe a shere if I'm on the inside. The only globe I know of that would be enthusiastically accepted by the masses would be the globe Woody Allen used in the movie "Sleeper"! biggrin.gif
javanpohl's Avatar javanpohl 07:11 AM 01-09-2013
That would not be useful at all in a home theater. In other, work-type settings, yes, home theater, no
VinnyS's Avatar VinnyS 07:24 AM 01-09-2013
Originally Posted by javanpohl View Post

That would not be useful at all in a home theater. In other, work-type settings, yes, home theater, no

It's the concept of something different other than a flat panel display. rolleyes.gif
imagic's Avatar imagic 09:17 AM 01-09-2013
Imagine what fortune tellers will be able to do with such a device - the crystal ball will never be the same.
kenglish's Avatar kenglish 04:29 PM 01-09-2013
Make it really big, cut it in half, and hang it from the ceiling......instant Planetarium.

Use it on a News set, as a prop to show story "locators",....assuming the station even airs world news.

That's about all I can see it used for.
thomps333's Avatar thomps333 02:47 AM 01-10-2013
The big question is, would layering a 3-D movie projection, onto a 2-D movie projection, make it a 4-D movie, or a 6-D movie?...just kidding.
Ernstmach's Avatar Ernstmach 04:50 AM 01-10-2013
Would be great for google earth!
Not so good for watching Honey Boo Boo....
Dodobirdy's Avatar Dodobirdy 08:25 AM 01-10-2013
Until I can watch a projected image of the Giants beating the Patriots in another Superbowl on my living room floor; I can wait. wink.gif
avslensman's Avatar avslensman 01:17 PM 01-13-2013
I've seen one of these at the National Weather Center in Norman, OK. It is quite stunning when you see it.

Of course, it was ideal for displaying worldwide weather patterns. Well, maybe not totally ideal since you can only see half of it at a time.
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