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imagic's Avatar imagic 01:02 PM 01-11-2013
Harman Industries Revel brand showed off their latest offering at CES: The Ultima2 - an 18" subwoofer with DSP processing and the capability to play at reference levels (115db). Featuring a Neodymium motor, 4 inch voice-coil and a listed xmax of 43mm (1.7") coupled to a 2,000 watt RMS / 4,000 watt peak amplifier, this is an attractive sub that makes a statement: Bigger is better when it comes to bass. Suggested retail is $10,000.
“Although it can deliver prodigious amounts of deep bass, that’s only part of Rhythm2’s capabilities,” said Jim Garrett, director of marketing and product management for Harman’s Luxury Audio Group and Loudspeakers. “Its built-in digital room EQ takes the contribution of the main speakers into account when measuring and adjusting the EQ of the subwoofer, which enables a system to achieve flatter and more accurate frequency response in any listening room.”

imagic's Avatar imagic 01:06 PM 01-11-2013
How long before the DIY folks set out to beat the Ultima 2? This is one of the few commercial products I have seen with the potential to go toe-to-toe with the most powerful of the DIY builds -
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