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Times are tough for home-theater display makers. The latest casualty is Mitsubishi, which has decided to exit the front-projector and LCD TV business. Apparently, the company has been suffering significant losses for several years, a situation that obviously can't be sustained in the long term.


Mitsubishi will sell what's left in current inventory, and it will continue to provide service and honor all existing warranties, which can run up to three years. But after the last projectors and LCD TVs are sold, the company will be out of the consumer-oriented home-entertainment display business entirely, leaving it to concentrate on LCD data walls for commercial applications.


As you might recall, Mitsubishi was the last company to offer rear-projection TVs before finally throwing in the towel, so I might have expected it to hang in there with projectors and LCD TVs. But no one can swim against a tide of red ink and survive, so it makes business sense to cut bait and concentrate on the profitable parts of the company.


I was never impressed with the company's LCD TVs—except for the Unisen integrated sound-beaming audio system, which was pretty cool—but Mitsubishi's projectors often offered features and performance beyond their price, and I found a lot to like in the ones I've reviewed. Do you have one? If so, what do you think of its performance? Would you have bought another one?


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I have a Unisen and I love it. Everybody should have one.
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I remember when I sold their LCD TVs. Picture was never that great, but the unisen system was impressive. I can't honestly remember selling more than a handful. I was a fan of their FPs and RPs but I guess times are tough. When I was a kid we had a "huge" 31" Mitsu tube.
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A friend of mine has a Mitsu 65" RP hanging around. Still a pretty good looking set after all these years.
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They're diamond series was one of the best looking tvs
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Scott you have the smallest posts to thumbs up ratio in AV Science Forum history for anybody over 250 posts. I am not saying this in jest. Your agent should use this ratio in negotiating a new contract.
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Toshiba will probably be next in the US market.
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Really liked the Mits, HC5 FP for the three months I had it in my theater. Just looking for something to band aid my 5 year old RS10 to 4K or something. $1800 new, with very usable FI and that LCOS fill.
Had to sell it because the size was problematic in my setup (for the wife) and, after a while, it's lesser blacks to my old RS10 started to bug me. Thought I would be bumbed out going back to my RS10 after it sold but, in addition to the blacks, the pq is a little finer on the RS10. Outside of the FI, the five year old JVC was better in almost every way (IMO smile.gif). When you consider the HC5 was a rebadged 9000 that Mits was trying to sell for $5-7k a few years ago...Can't imagine the bath they took on that. Would have been nice if they could have afforded a few more years R&D on this model to have more competition for JVC and Sony, as it seems like they are gravitating to their own particular price points with lesser competition there. Could have only been a good thing if Mits, and EPSON, could have come up with their own, competitve, reflective lcd products...
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I loved my Mitsubishi HC3800. It was my first projector. They had the best mid-range DLPs.
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I enjoyed a Mitsubishi HC7000 for three years. It was my first projector ever, and was actually sharper than the JVC I replaced it with (although the JVC had better colors and black levels). These guys were really great in their hey-day. I'm pretty sure I even still have an unboxing video somewhere on YouTube. This news really is sad.

Edit: Found the unboxing video. I had some great memories with this projector.
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Mitsubishi was one of the first tv companies to provide giant tvs to the us market and gained popularity for awhile. The TVs were like mini-imax screens almost with big speakers and bright luminosity.
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Sad. They made some of the best HDTVs about 10 years ago, but decided to keep a heavy investment in rear-projection while the rest of the market was shifting gear towards LCD. This is what happens when you do not stay up with the times. Maybe this is why Panasonic is jumping ship from plasma to OLED with no overlap.

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Nearly 20 years ago. I was wowed by the Mitsubishi 40 inch direct view CRT. IIRC it was about $3,000-$4,000, and it didn't have a line doubler built-in. Additionally seeing the Mitsu 73" RP compared to a 65 inch Panny plasma showed how much impact size delivers. All IMHO.
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eerily familiar how the japanese display manufacturers are slowly fading to oblivion the way the u.s. producers did in the 70s and 80s.

korean companies now rule the roost, but how long before they are displaced by their neighbor that's already producing commodity 4k panels

neflixis our nemesis
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Originally Posted by mr. wally View Post

eerily familiar how the japanese display manufacturers are slowly fading to oblivion the way the u.s. producers did in the 70s and 80s.

korean companies now rule the roost, but how long before they are displaced by their neighbor that's already producing commodity 4k panels
The problem is the TV market is flat, most people who want a flat screen have one.

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It's the industry's own fault by cutting prices too much too soon to the point even the manufacturers themselves are not making any money.

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Sorta reminds me of way back in 1991 I spend $4k for this Mitsubishi 1991 50" rear projection tv via Hudsons here in Michigan.
at only 36" deep, it was a beast.
This is not mine, but same model.

Farewell Mitsubishi, you had a good run in the consumer TV market.
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The first HD tv I owned was a Mitsubishi VS70803. It required an external HD tuner that fed a 5 pin BNC input. I remember getting the superbowl in HD that year via the local PBS station over the air with a radio shack antenna on my roof. It still worked when I gave it away last year.
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Oh no. Too bad. ADORE my Mitsubishi Unisen. With Hsu Subwoofer.. BLOWS away the Bose Videowave
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That's a shame, the HC4000 is a bargain for $950-1000. What would be a good replacement?
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Originally Posted by SirMaster View Post

I loved my Mitsubishi HC3800. It was my first projector.

Same for me! This HC3800 is my first projector and my primary 2D 1080p display. Great quality for the price as of a few years ago. I also picked up a Mitsubishi 32" LCD here in Japan for the living room about 3 years ago. Neither of these purchases were based on brand loyalty. In both cases, Mitsubishi just happened to provide the right balance of price and quality.

But, times change and there are exciting companies offering great products in both markets.
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This news really saddens me. I have the Mitsubishi HC6800 projector and I love the picture . The bulb only has about 600 hours left so I guess I should purchase a new bulb before they close the doors on their projectors and related products.
I thought Mitsubishi (IMHO) had a good reputation and product. The reason I bought the HC 6800 was b/c of a demonstration I seen at the CES show in vegas three years ago.

This is the second piece of electronic Home Theater equipment I have purchased where a company has fallen or has had serious production issues. The first was Outlaw Audio and now Mitsubishi.
Competition is brutal.

Tomorrow I will order a bulb defore I can no longer find one to fit my HC6800 and maybe be forced to buy a new projector which I do not want to do.


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Still enjoying my HC5500. It has fantastic 1080p resolution and is whisper quite. I'm still on the original bulb and I have a spare in the closet. Hopefully that will bridge me to a nice 4k projector in the future, but I'm in no hurry.
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I am watching my HC9000D right now that I bought from you guys a year ago. It was an upgrade from the HC3000 I had before that. The HC9000D is the best display I have ever seen, although admittedly I have never seen the higher end JVC's or Sonys. I have been very happy with the performance and feature set. It is also nearly silent. I think it is too bad that they are leaving this business. Like what was said above, I think that traditionally they have offered better performance and features for the money than many other manufacturers.
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I had a HC3100U Import, and how have an HC4000. I'd like to have something with the 3100s black levels and the 4000s resolution. But I'm not in the market for a new projector at this time.
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I still am using a 5 year old "Mitsubishi HDTV 73" WD-73734. I continues to serve me well. The only thing I've had to do to it is to replace the lamp a few times, but the picture is still good, and I love the screen size!!! That is why I bought it. At the time, DLP was a lot more reasonably priced than a LCD screen of that size - in fact, I don't recall seeing an LCD screen that big!! Sad to see them go, but my next display was not going to be a Mits!! Sorry to say!!

I want to be SHAKEN not stirred!!
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Reminds me of what happened to Sansui.
Late 70s and early 80 a Sansui receiver or amp was the thing to envy by many A/V enthusiasts.
Sansui was on top of the world at one time but now re branded as a umbrella brand.
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This is sad, my first projector was an HC3800 and It was a fantastic projector for the money, the feature set and the native contrast was impressive for a low cost projector, I was waiting for Mitsubishi to release a high contrast DLP with black level to compete with the Epson, Sony, JVC and flawless 3D, I guess I will have to decide between great 3D from a DLP but not so good black level, or get a LCD, LCoS, etc but with not so great 3D performance.

And also, the first TV my father bought was a CRT 27" Mitsubishi that lasted 23 years. smile.gif

Glory Glory Man United
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I don't think they cut prices because they wanted to. Part of the reason is the high def picture is so much better than what we were used to, normal people don't feel the need to pay up for a better picture. That's what doomed pioneer. People on this forum are a bit different and will pay more. I also think people came to realize over the last 10 years, that if they wait a year or two, the better TV will be 50% cheaper, and that began a downward cycle. I also wonder a bit if Samsung, due to their size, was able to sell below cost, and that competition hurt the others. They could make tons of money in their other divisions to offset some losses in tv. But they kept gaining market share, and are now #1.
Anyway, I have a mits dlp 65" in my basement and it's a pretty good tv. But I bought it for $800 when Ultimate went out of business. I'm now looking for a new tv for my living room and it's coming down to Panasonic or Samsung. Kind of ironic because 20 years ago I was a stock guy at an audio/video store, and the only thing we could sell was Mitsubishi or Sony. Mits will be gone, and Sony, other than their new 4k sets, now seems to be a tier 2 player to panasonic and samsung.
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Times are indeed tough--they did make a fine RP unit--bought a 45" RP in 1995 and still have it--and it still works although I can't say it delivers much of a picture. smile.gif (mine looks a lot like mtbdudex's)


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