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My PS4 was one of the ones that didnt work when I got it. The Blue light just blinked on start up. Call Playstation and they are having me send it back to them and I'm getting a new PS4, well thats what the CSR said to me on chat.

FYI: I called all over the place looking for another one and since I cant find one Ive decided the Playstation route is the best for me.

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I'm also a guy that has had 3 Play stations 3's throughout my house since near day 1. I also rarely play games, I mostly use them for Bluray and media streaming. My kids don't even heavily play them for games (PC gammers). I don't need anything advanced. I would use Tversity to stream fom my server and on the PS3 just play my music/home videos from the simple lists provided by TVersity.

I've never owned a Xbox and never would until now (95% because of the bluray drive). While I have a PS4 boxed up to give the kids for Xmas. I have used my PS3 as the center of my dedicated home theater for 7+ years and now it seems that Sony is shafting me.

With the new Xbox with the ability to stream and run Blurays disks, it sounds like Xbox will take over for me unless Sony patch's this content. I'll put the Xbox in the hometheater, PS4 on a TV for basic use and keep my PS3's at the other locations.

"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic" -Arthur C. Clarke
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Just dropped in on this thread and I am so glad I didn't get my PS4.
I have 2 PS3 & love them, never thought I would consider a Mickysoft product.
If all that I read is true, Sony you lost me. Does everything through PS3 media server.

Even my favorite golf game (hot shots golf( is being ruined by Sony .
Trying to make them work together has ruined the game with shrunken down compromised code.
I am or Was a Sony person for 40 yrs, if they are done with me, I also am done with them.
Sony is forceing me to experience an XBOX, and why not. Keep my PS3 & get the Xbox instead of the
consumer crippled PS4. (At least for me).
Funny, maybe this will teach them to give consomers all that they want.
I AM IN SHOCK, swear while typeing this upseting post, I will be getting an ZBox,
as it makes no sence to support a company who doesn't care or listen.
This should be reposted throughout the WWW so you will see how many feel like me, Betrayed.mad.gif
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Knowing that almost all new TV's carry all the functionality for streaming and much more, PS3 has really nailed it by removing that function from the console. Why put the added cost into a machine that will just be duplicating technology 99% of people will already have. Nobody needs a PS3 for streaming anymore, unless you're someone using an old TV or...a cheap one.

This is Sony looking into the future and shaping it. They don't care about people whining because the PS4 doesn't act as a media server because they know that the majority of these people will have this technology in their TV's or computers or other standalone devices.

For all the people crying about this, get over it. Nobody cares if you get an Xbox or just keep using your PS3's.
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Good point. With the invention of smart tvs and all the streaming devices out there(Roku, Apple TV, chromecast, etc.) and the fact that a lot of people that have or are going to buy a PS4 already have a PS3, there would be no need to add all the media center functionality. The only argument on the other side is simplicity. One device that can do all of that with little complexity. I don't always agree with that line of thinking, but I can understand it. $500 is a lot to pay for all of that. I know I'm going to buy a PS4 for one thing, gaming. I'm the kind of customer that Sony is counting on.

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