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imagic's Avatar imagic 04:51 PM 04-28-2014

Samsung Electronics recently announced a new line of audio accessories called Level. The new products include the Level Over, an over-ear headphone, as well as the Level On, an on-ear design. The Level line also includes an in-ear model called—of course—the Level In, as well as a portable speaker called the Level Box.


Samsung's new Level On headphones


Samsung's post mentions a ton of features for each item in the lineup, but very little in terms of actual performance specifications such as frequency response, efficiency, and power handling. Samsung also declined to put a price on the new products, at least for now. The company does expect the new products to be available for purchase worldwide by mid-May of this year.


For AV enthusiasts, the most intriguing product in the lineup is probably the Level Over full-size over-ear headphones. Samsung crammed quite a few features into its new flagship cans, including Bluetooth with active noise reduction and a detachable cord with built-in microphone and remote control. The 50 mm bio-cellulose drivers utilize neodymium magnets, as well as an "edge-free" driver design that the company claims reduces resonances. The new headphones take advantage of a new dedicated app (for Android) that allow users to set EQ as well as other options like 3D audio.


The Level On on-ear headphones do not feature Bluetooth connectivity or noise reduction, but they do have a detachable cable with a microphone and remote control. The Level On features a 40 mm "dual layer" driver; Samsung doesn't mention what material it's made of or what kind of magnet it uses.


Samsung's Level line of audio goodies, pricing TBA


The Level In features a three-way design utilizing balanced-armature drivers for treble and midrange and a dynamic driver for bass. As with the company's full-size Level headphones, the cable is detachable and includes a microphone and remote control.


Samsung's Level Box features Bluetooth connectivity and the ability to function as a speakerphone as well as a cordless speaker. It features NFC (near-field communication) for one-touch connection to a mobile device and 15 hours of playtime with its rechargeable battery.


I'm curious how the new Level Over headphones sound; I'm surprised it took Samsung this long to enter the high-end headphone game. Based on looks and features, I figure the Level Over will compete directly with premium headphones from the likes of Beats, Monster, Bose, and others. already published a hands-on report describing the Level Overs as "rich, absorbing, and didn't overly play up the bass. My notes include the words "bell-like" and "crystalline." Are these nice headphones? You bet." - Sascha Segan, There is hope that Samsung's new Level line of audio accessories won't just look good, but sound good as well.



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thrang's Avatar thrang 02:42 PM 04-29-2014
Why not call the line "Level Headed"?

This will be high-end like a Kia 900...
fierce_gt's Avatar fierce_gt 09:18 AM 04-30-2014
I wonder if they aren't releasing the price because they are waiting for reviewers to place them into a category. if they compare them to other 200 dollar headphones they'll price them around 200bux,

either way, I think truly 'high end' headphones is a crazy difficult market to get into, almost not even worth trying to at this point. but the "pretend to be high end with expensive prices, slick marketing, and enough bass to please 16yrs old" is always going to have room for a new player. if beats can be high end, anything can be
David Susilo's Avatar David Susilo 08:10 PM 04-30-2014
But Beats is not high-end. Not in quality, not in price.
NetworkTV's Avatar NetworkTV 08:58 AM 05-01-2014
Originally Posted by David Susilo View Post

But Beats is not high-end. Not in quality, not in price.
I think that was the point - if they can be, anything can. Bose and Monster Cable made sure of that.

All you have to do is create the illusion of quality and a desire in people to have it and you can sell any pile of crap for too much money.

Sony hasn't been doing anything else for the last decade. Unfortunately for their financials, a lot of people have actually caught on to the fact that their name doesn't mean anything anymore - at least in the consumer market.
fierce_gt's Avatar fierce_gt 02:44 PM 05-01-2014
^^ exactly. I know beats, bose, etc are not high end, they are 'high end'

if I was marketing a product right now, I'd probably market it to those same ppl that think beats are high end, because the ppl that know beats are NOT high end, probably won't have any interest in something from Samsung anyway