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Parasound Zbreeze Quietly Cools Rack-mounted AV Gear

SAN FRANCISCO (2/28/06) - Parasound has added a rack-mounted cooling
fan to its Zcustom family of custom installation problem-solving
components. The Parasound Zbreeze uses three whisper-quiet fans mounted
in a compact half-rack width Zcustom chassis. It is designed to provide
targeted ventilation to prevent localized hot-spots from building up in
racks and cabinets to supplement otherwise adequate overall

"Heat is a real problem for any component in a confined space," said
Parasound's president and founder, Richard Schram. "Stagnant air in
tight spaces between components is rarely addressed by the cooling fan
which provides overall airflow in a rack. Pockets of heat can build up
and quickly roast a component, often damaging its microprocessor and
causing eventual failure that isn't evident until much later. Zbreeze
prevents such trapped air and moves heat into the general airstream to
prevent these costly problems."

The Zbreeze uses three 3.6" (92mm) diameter fans with three speeds
delivering up to 90 cubic feet per minute airflow. These long-life
ball-bearing fans have a noise level of less than 35 dB. It has three
turn-on modes using either a standard 12-Volt DC trigger signal, 120
VAC, or a front-panel button.

The Zbreeze also features a unique turn-off function. It can be
instantaneous, or the installer can set a 10 minute delay before
powering down to continue air movement even after the rack's main
cooling fan is turned off - the time when units are most vulnerable to

The Parasound Zbreeze is available now, with a suggested retail price
of $200.
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