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kaotikr1's Avatar kaotikr1 01:44 AM 07-21-2012
Here is my media room. This is a 2nd living room on a one level home. Luckily I am on the other end of the house so movies and gaming can take place at anytime and I won't disturb the family.



Epson 6010 3D Projector
114" Carada BW


VTI Stand
Xbox 360
Dish 922
Oppo BDP-93
Onkyo PR-SC5508
Emotiva XPA-5
URC RF-260


Emotiva 5.1
CHT 18.2


Samsung S27A950D
2600k i7
GTX 680
Logitech 5.1
Razer Ultimate KB
Razer Mouse


Paragon Popcorn Machine
Forza Playseat with CSR Wheel and Pedals


Link to the whole album

jpcamaro70's Avatar jpcamaro70 04:55 AM 07-21-2012
love the concession stand. Even "multiple" boxes of identical candy...for effect i guess. Unless you eat that much candy?

Looks great, i love it.
kaotikr1's Avatar kaotikr1 05:30 AM 07-21-2012

It's mainly for affect and because I didn't want to have 30 different types of candy for people to sift through. I'm not even a big candy fan, but the family and friends love it.
tmaschm's Avatar tmaschm 07:43 AM 07-21-2012
Nice theater. Are you able to self program the universal remote whenever you add or remove components?
kaotikr1's Avatar kaotikr1 11:18 AM 07-21-2012
Originally Posted by tmaschm View Post

Nice theater. Are you able to self program the universal remote whenever you add or remove components?

Yes, I have the CCP software and through lots of trial and error taught myself how to program the remote. It's a really powerful setup and controls pretty much everything in my room.
BrolicBeast's Avatar BrolicBeast 01:47 PM 07-21-2012
This is a great use of that extra room and the equipment is superb as well. Congrats.
slemmon's Avatar slemmon 07:06 PM 07-23-2012

How do you like the Emotiva’s with the CHT subs? I have almost the same set up I don’t have the 8.3 towers but I do have the 6.2 for my L&R and the 6.3 for Center and love the sound of my set up. I found my CHT 18.1 x2 really brought the whole thing together. Comrades’ on the great looking room & set up.
kaotikr1's Avatar kaotikr1 12:18 PM 07-25-2012

I really like my speakers and subs, both are fantastic for the money and have served me well so far!
Mike721's Avatar Mike721 09:11 AM 12-15-2012
Any chance you would be willing to share the CCP software? I have an MX-880 and just bought a couple new pieces of equipment. I made the mistake of getting this without asking for the software and my installer is out of business. No one wants to touch it for less than $100 and might be more because I live in BFE.

Thanks and hoping you can help out.
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