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desol007's Avatar desol007 10:12 AM 01-26-2013
Hi all just showing my little system, Will be updating soon
TV - Haier LCD 55B2151
Recevier - Denon 1912
Speakers - Sony F6000
Center - Sony CN5000
Rear - Fluance Bipolar
Case - NZXT Phantom 810
Vid - GTX 560ti
Storage - 20TB
Ram - Kingston 8GB 1600
Proc - Core I5 2500k
MB - MSI Z68 GD65
Win 8
Xbox 360

pcweber111's Avatar pcweber111 10:42 AM 01-26-2013
Nice, a fellow htpc fan, always welcome to see. Nice system too, I'm assuming that's pretty much your main source for content, yes? I need to look into XMBC, especially now since MS has all but given up on WMC. No sub though, any plans for one?
desol007's Avatar desol007 11:12 AM 01-26-2013
Thanks, Yes the PC is my main source. XBMC works really well especially now that it supports HD sound codecs now
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