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What's Your System Configuration

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Originally Posted by audioguy View Post
The question for you then is the demonstrably improved ability of Audyssey on the 5200/7702 also in the 8801 and I will have no way to test that.

Also, the Dolby Upmixer in the newer products to my ears and those of a friend is superior to Dolby PL xII and you don't get that in the 8801.
Those are some points and I appreciate the information.
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I have updated my list of equipment on the first page to include the speakers, amps and SSP changes installed to support Atmos (and Auro).

I am somewhat less than thrilled with the Marantz 7702. I have spent HOURS AND HOURS AND HOURS AND HOURS trying to eliminate a low level hum. This is the first time in my audio experience that I have not been able to ultimately solve the problem. I have replaced the unit. Tried cheater plugs, different combinations of outlets, disconnected everything imaginable, etc. The 7702 does not use a grounded plug so I stuck a piece of wire into the empty spot on a 3 pronged cord and attached the other end to a screw on the 7702. Nominal improvement. More of my efforts can be seen in the 7702 thread. No one else seems to be having this issue.

Furthermore, with my Integra 80.2, there were a number of optional listening modes that would enhance 2 channel music. The only one that seems to be available is the Dolby Surround Upmixer (DSU) and is has the rear surrounds WAAAAAAAAY to hot.

Not a happy camper. Note to self: Probably should have waited for the next evolution of Atmos/Auro SSP's.

I am also having some noise on my ceiling speakers from my Emotiva amp. It, too, only uses a cord that does not have a ground pin. This noise is not from the 7702 as it continues even if I disconnect the 7702 from the amp.

I will have to get an electrician here to assist as I am at a loss.

I will also be lowering my surrounds as they are almost 6 feet high or approximatley 2.5 feet above my ears. Worked great in a 7.1 system but may be diminishing the overall effect of a 7.1.4 system. Will be lowering them to about 50 inches.

That said Atmos (or just DSU) is clearly an upgrade to immersion quality of every movie we have watched.
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I always forget how epic your theater is for some reason. Really, really nice setup!!

Sorry to hear about your issues with the 7702. I've fully resigned myself to selecting a SSP in September of next year (CEDIA), after the new crop of hardware is revealed. Everything should be HDMI 2.0 with HDCP 2.2 by then so no worries for full resolution 4K.

I always had a question for you but never you notice any time alignment / phasing issues with the L&R pulled out so far in front of the screen and the center hidden behind the screen @ 6-8 feet back from the L&R??

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