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xdac's Avatar xdac 02:21 PM 03-19-2007
Here's my gear:

Mitsubishi Diamond Series WS-55909 RPTV-my 2nd Mitsu & a nice tv.
Snell Type D 3-ways for the fronts-10 yrs young & still do the job.
Snell CR.5 center-I had a CC-1 'til I blew the woofers.
B+W bookshelfs for rears. Got 'em same day as my Type Ds for $100 the pair...:>)
Subwoofering is handled by two Velodyne F-1200R's-the Snells go down to an honest 32hz but the Vellys kick in when asked (like in Gears of War-yeah, baby)

McIntosh MSD4 processor-limited feature set but sounds good!
McIntosh MVP 831 DVD Player-only composite out but is a pleasure to watch.
Marantz 520U Laserdisc Player-ok, I admit it-I still have my LD's-(esp. anime titles)

CJ MF-5600 5 channel amp to drive the speakers-Smooooth & Sweet!
MIT Term. 2 wire tying it all together.

The Mitsu only has one(can you believe it?) DTV component input so I got a Zektor HDS4.1 component switcher. I run my xbox 360, comcast box, ps2 & gamecube thru it. I can tell no difference with it in the circuit. It switches 1080i in my system totally transparently.

Two Channel-

CAL Delta transport-upgraded.
Audio Horizons DAC-2A
Rogue Audio 66 Magnum preamp-next upgrade target.
Rogue Audio M-150 monoblocks
JM Lab Cobalt 806 monitors right now
DALI Mentor 6 floorstanders-here next week :>)
Audio Horizons Transparency ICs and Spkr wire.

Antique Sound Labs MG-Head DT headphone amp-the original version.
Sennheiser HD-600 'phones-as good as they say they are.

iPod-60 Gb
etymotic er-4p earphones.- I'm on dialysis 3 times a week for 3 1/2 hours a session-my ipod and etymotics help keep me from going out of my bloody mind.

And a very special thanks to my wife for letting me have all these great toys.

James_Aguirre's Avatar James_Aguirre 11:14 AM 04-05-2007
I noticed you are running 1080i, on my Misubishi WS-55905 it only only gives me a choice between 480p 960i even though it is hooked up to a Sony DirecTV HDTV reciever. The Sony HDTV receiver model SAT HD-200 says it is outputing 1080i. The picture looks similar to 480p DVDs so I am not sure the set is not just up converting. Would you check and let me know if your setup on your TV shows the 1080i, I am trying to decide if something is wrong with my set or if it just does not like the signal from my Sony. Any help would be appreciated, I can't find many people familiar with this old set.
xdac's Avatar xdac 07:52 PM 04-05-2007
Hey James,
I got out my owner's manual and the info that follows is in it. My tv has operated as described below. Please don't take offense when I cover things you already know. I'm just trying to be complete :^).

On the back of your set the far right inputs are labeled 'High Resolution Inputs'. These are divided into 'Component 480i/480p' (Inputs 1 & 2) and in the right hand section of the box it says 'DTV 480i,480p,1080i'. The DTV component input only accepts a signal in SDTV 480p/480i or HDTV 1080i . The other 2 component inputs only accept SDTV 480p,480i. The owners manual (Pg 73) says other resolutions such as 720p need to converted by the DTV receiver (i.e. my Comcast box) to one of the compatible resolutions.

So, simply put, the set displays the signal fed to it. It doesn't perform any conversion from one resolution to another. On my set I've only seen 480p/480i and 1080i. Never a choice of 960i. The manual states all resolutions must be converted to 480p/480i or 1080i BEFORE they are fed to the tv.

It goes on to say that "if you are using the YPrPb DTV inputs you may need to set the Input-DTV assignment to YPrPb using the "Change" option of the Edit Setup menu. Select this device and this assignment will become available".

Also, the satellite receiver connects to the DTV component input-not the ANT-DTV jack on the far left of the set. That's for an over the air signal.

To find out the current resolution hit the "Format" button on the remote.

This is all I know. I hope it helps. More questions? Just ask.
James_Aguirre's Avatar James_Aguirre 12:15 PM 04-08-2007
No offense taken, I appreciate all the help I can get. I have read that manual several times (before I posted) and some of your conclusions make sense I just did not want to assume that because it was working it was at the best resolution. I have the right connections and configuration settings on the TV. My Sony DirecTV receiver says it is set to output at 1080i and is plugged into the HDTV Component section. I had tried the format button before, but all it says is DTV HD 16:9, I was just confused whether that meant 1080i or could be another one of the resolutions. I am still new to the terminology. It just does not seem as crisp as I would exptect, maybe it is the show I am watching. I watched 24 last week off my OTA and it the TV showed it as HD. What had me confused is why I don't see a 1080 setting in the settup screen for that input. Thanks for your help, if you think of anything else please let me know.
xdac's Avatar xdac 08:58 PM 04-08-2007

1. When you say you're plugged into the HD Component section I assume you mean the input section "DTV" (480i,480p,1080i) as all other component inputs are not hi-def. In the manual diagram it's labelled number 7.

2. I've had my set at least 4 years and I've never seen a "DTV HD 16:9" message displayed. The term 16:9 refers to aspect ratio. And I don't know why it would be displayed since 1080i, by default, is 16:9.

Below I describe the messages my set displays:
It always says "1080i" in the upper left corner(if the programming is in 1080i). If I'm watching in 1080i that's all it says. If I'm in 480i it also gives which screen format I've chosen (stretched, zoom, standard etc.) It doens't in 1080i because thet's strictly a native widescreen format that requires no compensation or adjustment. The others are formatted 4:3 so the tv lets you decide how you want the picture fitted to a wide screen display.

3. When you say you watch "24" off of your OTA I assume you mean the "ANT-DTV" input on the far left of your set-back & you're using a conventional antenna at your home to feed it. I don't have that option so I don't know what message the tv would give.

4. To turn the component "DTV" input on or off in the menu:

On my remote I push "Menu". (The following options appear on-screen.)
Hit "Set-Up"
Hit "Edit Set-Up"
Scroll to "Review" and hit "Next".

The 1080i input is second from the bottom labelled "Input-DTV". (It doesn't say 1080i because 1080i is the only HD signal the tv accepts. )

The next screen lets you name the input or "Finish".

Are you sure the Sat Box is outputting 1080i programming?

Two things to try:

Plug the 1080i outputs from the Sat Box into the non-DTV component inputs on the tv. Find an HD broadcast in the program guide and tune it in on the Sat Box. If it is in 1080i it will be scrambled as the 480i,480p only inputs can't display it.

If you have a friend with an X-Box 360 have them bring it over and hook it up to the "DTV" input. It outputs 1080i. I have one so I'm sure about this. That way you'd know for certain you're getting a genuine 1080i signal.

Since we're getting different messages it makes me wonder if our sets are identical even if the model numbers match.
Let me know how it goes

Good luck,

Brianisok's Avatar Brianisok 07:02 AM 03-25-2008
I found this:
Your Mitsubishi TV will double the lines of a standard 480i (interlaced) picture to produce a smoother, more film like image. You
have two choices for your selection; 480p or 960i. The 480p display may be more stable (although may still show some line structure).
The 960i display may hide the line structure (although picture movement may be visible in still images).

So I guess the setting is only for the edtv hoodup for dvds. I have a ws-55095 and all I get is DTV on the screen as well. I'm pretty sure it is in fact 1080i. I have an xbox 360 and comcast HD and they both are set to 1080i and they look pretty clear.

On a side note I ordered a vga to rgbhv converter cable for my xbox 360. I 'm hoping it will work so that I can upscale dvds to 1080i. I'll let you know.
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