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What's Your System Configuration

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11-11-2007 | Posts: 186
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Since i am talking about a dorm that means i am in college, so 1. I have VERY little room. and 2. I am pretty poor, but here it is.

Sorry there are no pictures, Due to my lack of money I lack a digital camera There are links though.

-Toshiba Regza 26WLT66

-Logitech Z-5500 Speakers, I use a bose cube as a center channel because center is in corner and I can swivel the speaker to face multiple directions.
Once again I am poor and I only had enough money for these speakers. Although they are computer speakers and only $250, They are worth every penny. Only big problem i have with it is that it lacks inputs, so I tun almost everything through the TV then through optical to the main unit (receiver kinda)

-PS3, PS2, and wii. We all know what these look like.

-Dell XPS m170 Laptop. As laptops go this is one bad ass laptop. It isn't one of those overweight giants like dells new m1730 laptop or alienware's laptops but it still packs a lot.

I will soon be getting a Samsung LN-T4071F, which in my opinion is the best 40" out right now followed VERY closely behind by the xbr4.

Please give me any suggestions for future upgrades.

Next year I will be moving into an "apartment style" dorm, so it will have a decent sized living room.
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11-27-2007 | Posts: 121
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DON'T use the bose as a center channel!!!! Speakers have better dispersion patterns than I am sure you are giving them credit for. Besides, I would take timber accuracy between speakers over a swivel feature any day! And lastly, I happen to think the two TVs you mentioned are the 2 best on the market, except I like the Sony more
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12-12-2007 | Posts: 186
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another reason i chose to use the bose as a center channel is because the center that came with my z5500 didn't fit behind the TV and wasn't very loud, and it needs to be loud since it is behind the TV. I was trying to figure out where else to put the center but there is no place at all.
If you guys have any suggestions on a center for me, please let me know.
Here is what the amp puts out to the center.
Center: 69 watts RMS (into 8 ohms, @ 1kHz, @ 10% THD)

Ya I'm in love with the those 2 TV's, more so the sammy though. Main reason I dont want to get the xbr4 is due to the clouding issues, and I heard it isn't as good as the Samsung for gaming. I am planning to use the samsung as a computer monitor and use it with my PS3.
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