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Gentleman Jack's Avatar Gentleman Jack 07:29 AM 09-03-2013
Hi all

I have the following UK iTunes and UltraViolet codes which are available for sale / swap so message me with your offers! I will only swap for other UK codes. If you would like to buy a code, payment would need to be by PayPal.

The following codes are £2 each and are UltraViolet codes unless otherwise stated.

The Dark Knight Trilogy (£6)
Identity Thief
Gangster Squad
Cloud Atlas
Die Hard 5
Django Unchained
Here Comes The Boom
Ice Age 4
Dolphin Tale
Total Recall
Men in Black 3
Hotel Transylvania
Happy Feet 2
Jack and Jill
Zero Dark Thirty
Ted (iTunes only)
Les Miserables (iTunes and UV)
Pitch Perfect (iTunes and UV)
The Bourne Legacy (iTunes and UV)



chirpychippy's Avatar chirpychippy 10:33 AM 10-26-2013

OK I will take a couple


Gangster Squad and identity thief

samule's Avatar samule 01:25 PM 01-27-2014
Final Destination 5 
The Lucky One
Django Unchained
Despicable Me
Man Of Steel (Blu-Ray) 
Les Miserables 

UK UVs in trade for UK iTunes (suggest something bit fussy but worth a shot)

Mobile  Desktop