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I need to blackout the room my projector is in and I'd like to know the best way to do it for a low price. There is one window, and one door with glass panels in it.

Are blackout shades typically better than curtains? I found this thread and some people were saying they use both together:

One poster said, "I use foam rubber covered in black felt behind my black out shades. The foam rubber is cut to 1 inch extra around all sides and comforms and covers the entire window with a snug fit. Complete coverage for zero light leakage."

That sounds like a pretty good idea.

Here's another thread

I think what I'll have to do is get a shade for the window and a curtain for the door.

Maybe Walmart for the curtain and this shade from JC Penney seems pretty cheap:

If you have better suggestions let me know, thanks!
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i use card board for my windows. kills 99.9% of the light.

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Why is this so hard? Isn't at least 50% of the solution is based on your personal aesthetic/preference?
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I have 1 window which I covered with black plastic.. Between the bar area and the viewing area I am hanging blackout curtains bought from Amazon.

I will shorten them about 10"..I have to order a few more panels and hang some rods. distance between posts is 90".. Hope this helps

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Once you figure out what you want on your windows you should seriously think about ceiling and wall color within 5' of the screen if they are anything but a dark flat color now.
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I used a roll down style blackout shade from Depot that was $60. I wouldn't describe the effect as blackout but more like room darkening. On it's own it is not enough.

The $10/panel walmart blackout curtains do work better. Together they are quite dark, but there is still a ring of light that gets through behind the curtain as it stands off the wall about 3" and you might get some light where the 2 panels meet.

If you want all of that light gone, use both of the above, and then you can get some black sheets, roll them up and hang them around the back side of the curtain.
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I purchased an 8m role of the black colour below.

It lets no light through whatsoever. The fabric is easy to work with and you could easily fashion some curtains or something behind the curtains from it.
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I used window blinds from Home Depot and blackout fabric safety pinned behind curtains.
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If you really want full darkness with the ability to open the shades, I would look into making roman blind style shades using the warm window product. This places a sheet of insulation and mylar between two layers of fabric. The roman blind is a gathering type that bunches up when retracted. If you really want it to seal, place rubber magnetic material on the edges and have a metallic strip to have it stick to.,18
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There may be something in this thread that might help.

See ya. Dave

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