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12-23-2011 | Posts: 379
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Built myself a set of frameless, floating Art Deco style acoustical panels. Used two one inch fiberglass panels wrapped in microsuede fabric. Mounted against a 3/4" wood laminate panel, floating and frameless. The goal here was to squeeze the most sound absorption out of the panels. Here is what I used.

Certa-Pro Acoustaboard with black non-woven facing. This acoustically transparent, semi-rigid surface makes it much easier for me to cut the panels precisely into shape.

Spray adhesive

Impaling clips.

I started with a melamine backboard on which I secured the impaling clips. Then, I drilled one hole to hook the panel onto a single drywall screw. This way, I could eventually move the panels to other locations with minimal damage left behind on the wall.

I then made cardboard cut-outs in the shapes I wanted for both fiberglass panels, which were going to be superimposed.

Masking tape to mark the cutting lines.

Using the spray glue, I wrapped each panel with it's own fabric colour, glued them together in an offset position, giving them an Art Deco style...And voilÃ*!

Comments welcomed, more pics can be seen on page 4 of my home theater thread.
Francesco Villa's Avatar Francesco Villa
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01-17-2012 | Posts: 7
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Nice! What frequencies did you need to correct?
Shawn_Ky's Avatar Shawn_Ky
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01-21-2012 | Posts: 82
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Looks very nice! Gonna have to steal this idea!
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