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PurdueAV2003's Avatar PurdueAV2003 09:50 PM 03-01-2012
I thought I would post this here, and hope somebody finds it useful. As I toy collector, I've started doing toy reviews, but I couldn't resist putting together a quick review of these babies. I've had my seats for a couple weeks, now, and I think they're great. Here is my take on them:

turbotboz's Avatar turbotboz 06:21 AM 03-02-2012
Great review. How does the comfort vs sitting time compare to the Lanes?
PurdueAV2003's Avatar PurdueAV2003 11:12 PM 03-04-2012
I would say they are about equal, if not the Palliser seats being a little better. Haven't had a chance to put them through a good movie marathon or sporting event, yet.

We've been talking about running a Harry Potter marathon one of these weekends, and that should be a good test.