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CrashPush's Avatar CrashPush 07:29 AM 03-12-2012
Good day guys, first time poster and long time reader here.

I'm interested in purchasing the Salamander Designs Synergy Triple 236 - 20 Series - 65.75''. The center opening is 19.75" wide. My center channel speaker is also 19.75" wide.

Does anyone think the center channel will fit in the media stands center opening? Is there usually a small overhead on the media stands dimensions?

I've been searching high and low for a media stand that would fit my center channel speaker. Anyone have experience in purchasing a media stand with the dimensions being so close?

Synergy Triple 236 - 20 Series - Center Opening - 19.75" W x 18" D x 8.5" H

My center channel is the Pioneer SP-C21 - 19 7/8" W x 8 11/16" D x 7 x 7/8" H

Does anyone think I should just go for it?

bigsalamander's Avatar bigsalamander 07:35 PM 03-13-2012
Hi there

As the designer of the synergy system, I am pretty confident saying that yes, your center will fit without a problem. The listed interior width is 19.75 inches between the aluminum support posts. However, you are able to place your speaker just behind the post to get and additional half inch . You will have no problem.

Let us know if you have any other questions.
CrashPush's Avatar CrashPush 06:55 AM 03-14-2012
Thanks for the reply. I had a chance to speak to a Salamander rep and was told the exact same thing. I placed the order on Monday. Looking forward to it.
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