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linkseo's Avatar linkseo 05:40 PM 07-24-2012
I saw the movie candy concenssions stand for sale on various websites from 300 up to even thousands so i decided to look for alternates. I think i found a winner!
Bought this Jewelry case from craigs list for $150. As you can see from the pic. they had dozens to choose from.

Primed with tile and laminate primer then painted and added trim. Looks great! has light and lock inside. Now just gotta fill with canday!!

tlogan6797's Avatar tlogan6797 06:54 AM 07-25-2012
KenLerch's Avatar KenLerch 08:16 AM 07-25-2012
Nice job with the paint and trim.
pcdoctor's Avatar pcdoctor 03:47 PM 07-25-2012
Nice find and good job on the plastic surgery.
dcg58's Avatar dcg58 01:56 PM 07-28-2012
SCORE!!! Excellent job. That would look good in my HT but I don't have the room.mad.gif Great looking conversion on the cabinet.
suffolk112000's Avatar suffolk112000 06:19 PM 07-29-2012
That is sweet... literally. biggrin.gif
I have a concession stand that I made out of a cabinet that I bought at a discount at Lowes.
Essentially I replaced the center wood cabinet door with a shatter proof glass one so you can see the candy on glass shelves that I had made. A few under cabinet puck lights later and voila.

This stuff is a blast to make. smile.gif
Holiday121's Avatar Holiday121 12:23 AM 07-31-2012
I am not going to lie this made me just look at craigslist for one ... Nice find
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