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Digital Man's Avatar Digital Man 10:51 AM 12-28-2012
I have three Berkline 187's in my back row. Two of them seem to have uneven stuffing in the backs. It seems like most of the stuffing is on the left side of the seat back. If you draw a vertical line down the middle of the seat back, it seems like there is much more suffing on the left side. I bought these in 2007 and they have always been that way. The chair I sit in is the one that doesn't have this problem, so I don't notice it and haven't dealt with it yet. I tried to see if I could get inside them and evenly distribute the stuffing, but I can't get inside the seat back without cutting them open.

Has anyone else had this problem? Any suggestions on what to do about it?


rsh's Avatar rsh 11:32 AM 12-28-2012
I would try finding a furniture repair shop locally - I am sure they fix that it for you.
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