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Big-Sexy907's Avatar Big-Sexy907 06:21 AM 02-03-2013
Hey there everyone,

I've been debating off and on for about the last year on a way to store my dvd / blue ray collection. I have approximately 600 titles, some of which are multi-disc sets. Currently I have thought about using a sleeve style holder, and then I ran across the Disc Sox product that allows you to use the case artwork so the discs are easier to identify. But buying over 600 individual disc sox is rather costly at about one dollar a sleeve. Are there alternatives, how are the rest of you storing your larger collections. I searched here and ran across some threads suggesting binders, which don't appeal to me since it makes sorting and alphabetization difficult.

Ideally I would like to reduce the space taken up, but keep the disc easy to see and access.

Thanks again!

Duke Broadway's Avatar Duke Broadway 07:25 AM 02-03-2013
I had researched this as well. It all boils down to if you want your cover art. I went with the discsox dvdpro sleeves. Yes it is expensive. However it was the look I wanted. Full access to front, back, inside of the cover art. Plus if needed I can go back to regular jewel cases and it woul all look original.
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