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I'm currently outfitting my HT and the last component is chairs. My wife has hip issues. I don't have any issues per se, but who doesn't end up with back pain & a stiff neck every once in awhile, especially if watching too much TV. We've ruled out overstuffed sofas and recliners for this reason, we need something firm and supporting, but comfortable. Cup holders and other typical trappings of HT seating are not needed. If anything they'll just collect nastiness that will be hard to clean. Therefore, we've ended up closely evaluating Ekornes Stressless and IMG of Normay chairs. Our next round will be to set aside some time when we can put in a couple hours in a select chair in the showroom. At around $2k each, we're taking our time to get this right the first time. Does anyone else have experience with these? Are there other makes we should inspect?

Searching the internet for reviews is painful: there are tons of spammed reviews everywhere, and IMG made a horrible SEO mistake as you just find html img tags! ugh. From what I can tell so far, Stressless led the market, perhaps still does - but some reviews claim quality isn't what it used to be and warranties aren't honored. IMG, from what I gather, isn't as Norwegian as they'd claim, manufacturing out of south Asia. I'm not sure if that bothers me as everything on Earth is manufactured in south Asia. Lastly, some reviews claimed to experience pain do to the forward nature of the headrest. IMHO that could just be getting the wrong size & fit of chair and not conducting a long duration sit-test as we plan.

There is mild concern about the height of the back influencing surround sound, but I'm more of a stereo-phile anyway. Surround has always just been background noise to me (pun intended), so I'm ruling it out as a stopper.
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Old 03-06-2013, 09:59 AM
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We too have been agonizing over the recliner issue. One thing we have discovered, for us anyhow, is that the Ekornes has the foot stool which requires twisting of the chair to get out. Which after having a cheap version of the Ekornes, proved to be a problem at times. We prefer the footrest to be in sync with the chair and there is nothing to trip over as we age. The IMG Divani 325 seemed to be quite comfortable with the optional motorized option and the headrest can be raised for my tall husband. Getting ready to order a "pair". Sure do hope we like them because it is quite an investment, but well worth it if it works!
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Old 06-07-2014, 01:33 AM
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Did you buy the IMG Divani recliners? What did you think? I'm thinking about the IMG Divani 325 recliner but I can't find any reviews and I'm wondering how it will hold up over time. Any suggestions?
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Old 08-22-2014, 09:00 AM
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IMG Space Chair

We used to have connected theater recliners with the cupholders. We liked them, but they didn't "fit" both of us equally, and the chairs were very large for our room.

We purchased the contemporary Space Recliners 50.30 with ottomans. We are both in agreement that the headrest leans too far forward to be completely comfortable, but with a few tilts and up-clicks, it can be made acceptable. Putting a pillow behind your back also makes the headrest comfortable.

The chairs are very comfortable.. cushion-wise, soft to sit in. Sometimes, we just want to recline a little bit and use the ottoman. Our old recliners required a full recline in order to use the extended foot rest. The new Space Chairs also swivel. We have shopped for years for the right chair and the Space Chair really works well for us. We are adapting to the poorly-designed headrest and hope that future issues of this chair will have that area improved upon.

Another post stated they always had to push the ottoman away or turn the chair to get up. Usually, we don't keep our ottomans that close to the chair. We both leave space between the ottoman and chair to always be able to place our feet on the floor in front of us... it is simply a matter of personal choice. Also, the ottoman is light enough that we can just push it away with our feet.

We strongly considered the Ekornes, maybe it was the Sunrise model, can't recall. Our decision ended up being that of appearance. The more contemporary IMG chair worked better with our other furniture. We also looked at a motorized recliner... also very, very tempting. Found a model that was super comfortable. But, we wanted to try a chair-with-ottoman for a while.

Good luck to the OP'er in finding the chair that works well for you. Oddly, with all of the chairs out there, it's still hard to find just the right one.
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