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KBMAN's Avatar KBMAN 02:46 PM 02-22-2013
Found this at a dive-bar in downtown Stockton, CA YEARS AGO....It was originally the natural oak color, but a few years back, I painted it black. "Now Showing" sign made by my brother. It was originally double sided and changed that. The bulbs are adjustable in speed (a few bulbs are out, but i can get more from Bass) had years of nicotine stains on the brass, but I took care of that....what do you think?

alittletank's Avatar alittletank 11:55 PM 02-22-2013
Very nice, great find!
KBMAN's Avatar KBMAN 01:03 PM 02-23-2013
THANKS! It has found a good home (theater) for sure wink.gif
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