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03-22-2013 | Posts: 12
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Over the past couple of months I’ve been busy at work on the home theater! Since we have had several occasions where we have had people over and had to watch a movie in other places we decided to upgrade the seating. Since the boss doesn’t like the traditional theater seating, we had to look at other options. After going between different stores, we settled on a La-Z-Boy sectional. This one has two reclining chases at either end and two single seat recliners in the middle. It is super comfortable and could probably seat 6 if we had to.
Seating Before:

This was comfortable, but had several shortcomings. The rear speakers were very low, causing the sound from the side closest to you to be more noticeable than the other side. To prepare for the new sectional, we got the Pinpoint side clamping speaker mounts to hold the rear bookshelf speakers. The center line of the speakers is now approximately 24” above ear height. I took a few photos of the installation of these new brackets. When the house was built I ran speaker wiring to the rear and used terminal outlets. The first step was to undo those and run the wiring up to the top where my speakers were going to go. This involved several instances of testing and measuring but I think the finished product was very good. The worst part was that the new location was on the opposite side of a stud so I had to drill through that to run the wiring. Overall, it wasn’t a bad Sunday project!
Old Plate Removed

New Single Gang Box Cut Out and Bracket Holes Established (You can see each of my initial screw locations as I finalized the location)

New Work Box Installed and Speaker Wire Terminals In:

Bracket Mounted and Plate Finished (Sorry for the poor photo quality)

Both Brackets Finalized, Speakers Mounted, and Picture Re-Hung

Now That the Speakers are Mounted and Finished, the Room Was Ready for the New Sectional! Since this one doesn’t have any cupholders, we found these little tables that slide underneath the furniture so that we can move them around to hold drinks and/or popcorn, etc. There is definitely a noticeable difference in the rear channel, it seems that the sound is much less localized than it was before. I'm very happy with the new setup!

With all of this going on, I wanted to adjust the height of the TV because when reclined, I felt like it was putting a strain on my neck to look down at the CL of the TV. I used a wall mount to raise the TV height and provide a clean looking install as well as room for my mustang die casts.

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I like it. I'm thinking about going the sectional route for mine. I don't like the idea of traditional theater seats.
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At first I didn't like the idea, but the more we use it, the more I like it. Minus the lack of cupholders, I am very happy with it!
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I had a wrap around sectional last year with recliners and loved it. Anywhere you sat, you got a great picture. I wanted theater seating also, but my GF said no to that.
Due to some quality issues though, I returned and went to an oversized sofa and loveseat combo. All 3 recliners for the sofa and two recliners for the loveseat are power.
The recliners made up for not having the sectional.

Nice sectional though. I went with brown my last two setups and it just looks soo warm and inviting.
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