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Jerryco's Avatar Jerryco 08:18 PM 05-27-2013
I am building new home cinema and looking for theater Chairs under $1200.

I am looking for row of 3 curved, power recline not firm seats.

I Looked at following web sites:


also visited at some retail places which didn't have large variety to try .

The problem is that its very hard to choose seats before I tried them out first..

Can you guys recommend on few options based on your experiences - Not firm
Also I leave in Atlanta ,if you can recommend on good wholesale places will be great !

Thanks in advance

Jerryco's Avatar Jerryco 05:54 PM 05-28-2013
Anyone guys?
BIGmouthinDC's Avatar BIGmouthinDC 07:11 PM 05-28-2013
Roman is the go to guy
RSH here on the forum

His site:

Call and ask for his opinion on not firm seats.
KenLerch's Avatar KenLerch 06:52 AM 05-29-2013
No matter who you purchase from you are going to be hard-pressed to find power recline chairs (especially decent ones) for $1200 unless you find an open box or closeout deal. So that may be the route you want to pursue. If you can expand your budget a bit it will open up lots of possibilities for sure.
jayn_j's Avatar jayn_j 08:14 AM 05-29-2013
Ken is accurate. Going price is more like $500+/- per seat for powered.

Dirty little secret is that these things don't hold value at all though. You may be better off cruising craigslist for used units. If you are willing to compromise on style, you can stay well within your budget.
megdagooch's Avatar megdagooch 08:32 AM 05-29-2013
Here is my $120 Craigslist deal. $120 for the set. There is a fourth chair but the bracket broke and I have since called la-z-boy and got the replacement part. They are manual recline and needed a good steam clean. But these will do until I am ready to upgrade to the dream set I have picked out smile.gif that means more money for other more important stuff smile.gif
Jerryco's Avatar Jerryco 06:11 PM 05-29-2013
Thanks all!

I found the Lane 103 Matinee seats which are around my budget - Includes Manual recline and bonded leather.($400)
It has good reviews

What your thoughts? Is it really good?
Should I invest extra $350 on power recline?

megdagooch's Avatar megdagooch 07:57 PM 05-29-2013
Power recline is like magic smile.gif definitely go for it!!! I always wish my head were up just 3 more inches. But I can't get there with manual recline
mbUofL's Avatar mbUofL 08:29 AM 05-30-2013 is running a deal on chairs right now, I believe 3 for 1150 bit they aren't power recline.
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