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UPS-12v's Avatar UPS-12v 09:25 AM 06-20-2013

I am looking for power supply with UPS, 50 to 60 amps, output at 12 v. At least with 250 watts and battery backup.
I am a beginner in this area and my boss asked me to find something similar and it's been hard to find. Does anyone know where to find this UPS?
thank you

airscapes's Avatar airscapes 09:37 AM 06-20-2013
50 - 60 amps? 12v? 250watts? I think your boss is messing with you or gave you some wrong info.

These terms and numbers do not fit together for any one single device especially related to home theater

Now if it is 50-60 mA (milliamps) at 12 v DC then that is different..

Maybe tell us what this unit is for it would be helpful... Hope your boss has not played a trick on you..
olyteddy's Avatar olyteddy 07:36 PM 06-20-2013
UPS with a 12 volt DC output? Isn't that called a 'battery'?
UPS-12v's Avatar UPS-12v 07:10 AM 06-21-2013

I found a company which makes customized DC-USP Power supply. They can make the equipment with the specification that I need.
The website is http://solarcraft.net/dcups-power-supply/

thank you guys!
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