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wertman's Avatar wertman 04:22 PM 09-21-2013
Hi guys just curious on buttery topping I just asked our local movie theater regal theaters And they use peters popcorn topping. I am including the link just so everyone can check it out. Also does anyone have any opinions on it. Thanks guys. http://www.peters-popcorn.com/toppings/

godsbrother's Avatar godsbrother 11:22 AM 09-30-2013
I have never heard of Peters but I have read that many theaters use O'Dells Super Kist II or Lou Ana's Mor-Gold Plus. They are both readily available from online retailers like Amazon, Snappy Popcorn, etc.

I only put "butter" on my popcorn once in a great while so I have a small bottle of Orville Redenbacher's buttery flavor popcorn oil. It probably isn't as good but it does a decent enough job.

If I were you I would try the popcorn at the Regals theater and see if you like the topping and if so go with it. Let us know what you decide...
wertman's Avatar wertman 06:59 PM 10-05-2013
Bought an tried the peters buttery topping and I have to say it was the best. I will say there customer service stinks trying to find a vendor, but all in all it was amazing, just like the theater. I have Lou anes at the house as well and I have to say this is much better. I hope someone else can try it to give there opinion
Robert Clark's Avatar Robert Clark 02:50 PM 10-06-2013
I tried the sample bottle. It's not bad. I think my favorite non-butter topping is still Snappy's Buttery Burst.
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