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10-12-2013 | Posts: 7
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So after going back and forth trying to decide where to order my theater seats from, I ended up pulling the trigger on a set of Palliser Blades from for our newly finished theater room (will have to post some pics and details in a thread soon). We ordered a strait row of 4 in the Phoenix Anthraite fabric, as I'm really not a fan of cheap leather. IMO fabric is much more comfortable, but that's just me. The Phoenix is actually made to mimic the look and feel of leather, and actually fells like really soft leather, almost suede like. I was able to see a similar piece in person, and actually thought it was the more expensive leather at first!

I was a little hesitant after reading some mixed reviews of theaterseatstore online, but after giving them a call and talking to them I decided it should be ok. I went over some of my concerns, and was assured that in the off chance something was damaged, there would be no issue getting replacements. In fact, if there was some damage, I was told they would let me use the damaged piece until a replacement arrived. So given this, and the fact that the chairs were coming directly from Palliser (due to the custom fabric), I felt there would be little risk going this route.

When we were getting close to ordering, I called them up and spoke with Heidi Rush. She was very professional and helpful, and sent out several fabric samples for us to look over. A week later, we called her back and placed our order on 9/28/2013. Since it is a custom order for the fabric I wanted, It will take 4 to 6 weeks for delivery.

The only problem that I've had so far is that when i was initially quoted, I was quoted the price for a center loveseat. My order was for 4 seats, all with their own armrests. So when I was billed, it came through as roughly $100 more than was quoted. I called and they explained the difference, but didn't offer to correct the price to the quoted amount. Not a huge problem, but I wasn't too happy about it.

I'll give more updates and pictures when they arrive!
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10-28-2013 | Posts: 386
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I'm interested in your experience. I also dislike leather, and the selection for fabric chairs is limited. I'm curious how you like these chairs as far as temperature comfort and sound. I hate how loud leather is and how freezing cold, or clammy hot it feels when you sit down.
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11-26-2013 | Posts: 7
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Well the seats finally arrived yesterday. So it was a little closer to 8 weeks then the original 4-6, but I expected this since it was coming from Palliser. Apparently their pretty backed up, and another vendor told me it could be closer to 3 months. So I'm still happy with the delivery time.

As for the experience with, I'm happy to report that everything went smoothly. I had called a couple of times to check on the progress, and they were able to give me an update from Palliser. The staff was friendly and helpfull. The minor blemish in the process was when the seats were shipped from the manufacturer to the shipping company. Apparently the shipping company was given notification of the shipment, but not the proof of delivery. When I called theaterseatstore, they followed up with the shiping company and later that day I got a follow up email from theaterseatstore, and later the email to schedule delivery from the shipping company.

The shiping company ended up being Last Mile Home. The delivery truck arrived in the first 45 minutes of the given 4 hour window. The delivery people were very friendly and courteous, allowing me to fully inspect each chair as they set it up.

As for the chairs themselves, I am very happy with the result. They arrived in perfect condition. The fabric is somewhat leather like, almost something between leather and the typical microfiber. I find it to be very soft, and not have the breathablility issues that leather has. When we sat down to watch a movie last night, they were slightly cool, but not as much as my leather sectional upstairs. Through the whole movie, they remained very comfortable, and didn't generate any hot spots that you can get when sitting on leather for a while. So this ended up being exactly what I was looking for.

As for sound, they helped tame some of the echo that I have in my room. I still need to get some acoustic panels up to really get the job done, but this did make a noticeable difference.

I'll give another update after using them for another week or so. I'll also try to get some more pictures up.
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08-14-2014 | Posts: 512
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sorry to resurrect an old post, but I'm looking at these exact seats. How have they held up? Still like the Phoenix fabric?
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