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AlphaG's Avatar AlphaG 11:37 AM 02-07-2014
Elite is having a promotion that basically equates to some savings on their theater seats if the CI-M model is to your liking. I do like the look of the seats but thought I would solicit opinions and bring the promotion to the attention of anyone who has looked into their seats in the past but shied away because of the high prices. As I need seating for 9, $2000 a pop is still quite a lot eek.gif, but I would consider doing it based on the one review I read online at:


So, any owners out there? Any opinions on the leather vs their silk (faux) leather? Anyone put their butts into these chairs before and have any opinions?

KenLerch's Avatar KenLerch 12:20 PM 02-07-2014
I have replied to similar questions on this forum in a couple of different posts that I have linked to below. As far as fit and finish, the chairs are second to none. The quality and stitching are as good as I've even seen on any upholstered furniture. Make sure you consider the Medium or soft foam firmness. The firm is VERY firm- think car seat firm. I'll let you take a look at my other posts for more info. Please feel free to reach out with any specific questions. We have a C1-M in our demo theater room in Maryland so I can relate anything you need over the phone.


(Looking for other posts and will post them when/if I find them.)
AlphaG's Avatar AlphaG 08:38 AM 02-17-2014
Thanks Ken ... I appreciate your response. The one major issue I have with the Elite chair, and one I have recently discovered, is that the C1M model on promotion is not their usual made in Canada model with restricted options. It is made in parts in Asia and assembled in Canada. So the assembly process in Canada by their own people should enable their own quality control, but I'm just not comfortable spending that kind of money on an Asian made chair, assembled in Canada or not. I will have to continue my search for a reasonably priced (<$2000 each) high quality American (or Canadian) made chair.

To that end I am currently looking at a local company Continental Theater Seating, but am open to other options if you have any suggestions!
KenLerch's Avatar KenLerch 08:46 AM 02-17-2014
I completely understand but can also tell you the quality is there and that we have not had one single issue with a C1-M. Fortress is a good option as is your local option Continental. I don't know a lot about Continental but have heard good things about them. They should work well, especially if you are able to go and sit in them.
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