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I saw them in an add today and would like to know if they are any good? Does anyone know what they retail for? Thanks
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I think this was covered before if you do a search. I went there recently to try them out and found:


Can be put in loveseat config at center with two side chairs. Can not do 3 loveseats in a curve. Each chair with single cup arm = $621. With wedge arm unit (tray)=$846. Wedge by itself is $269. Wedge has a tray (trapezoidal shape). The tray is shallow and uncomfortable for placing your arm on it. Motorized version costs more - can be stopped at any position. Without motor - push back to raise foot section. Wall-away design. People in center loveseat would not have a drink holder except for tray.

Temperpedic cushion feels nice, but I did not feel support for my back like I have with standard high back La-Z-Boys. This costs $75 more per chair. Leather costs even more. These chairs are not high back, so good for surround field, just less comfortable. The cup holders depress down for more holding depth, but not very far. Chairs avail in leather and micro fiber material only.

Measurements: 4 chairs in an arch (2 centers with wedge unit sides + 2 side chairs with cup holder arms on outside) = 10 ft max between the back outside corners. A wedge unit is 12" W at back. A chair with single cup arm is 28.5" W at back. Chair with single wedge arm is 33.5" W at back.

Hope this helps.
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I saw them too and here is what I have to say about them:

1) They are nice looking and stylish

2) Like Carey pointed out - there is a lack of back support - a bit too soft for my liking. I like a firm back with support (lumbar especially)

3) I didn't like the trays on the arms - shallow and useless - I didn't bother trying to fell how comfortable they are as I didn't like that feature (at least their rendition of it).

4) The cup holder design (pops down, otherwise flush when up) is nice, but a bit shallow also - still nice though for me.

5) Pricing was good for the seats, but the leather was MUCH MORE! I was quoted $699 each for the seats with the fabric and $1420-1600 each for the leather! If I was going to pay those prices, there are others I would be looking at instead

6) Seat back height is nice - no problem for rear speakers.

7) The showroom didn't have one with the Tempur-Pedic (memory foam) seat to try - I would have liked to try that.

8) Cannot do color combos like the Berkline 087 (which appeals to me). They don't offer an armless version (I wanted to do burgundy seats with dark blue arms/sides).

9) Good variety of fabrics, colors and leather (less color options - lacking on the blues - only 1 or 2).

I am still leaning towards the Berkline 087's. I thought it was interesting when I was describing what I wanted to do with the colors (that the Berklines had the ability) and when I mentioned the leather pricing in comparison to Berklines, he told me about 5 times how the La-Z-Boy was a superior product and build quality. He also went on an on about making sure the leather I go with is top grain.


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I am currently in the market for home theater seats too (my room is currently under construction) and I have compared the La-z-Boy seats and the Berkline seats. The La-z-Boy seats are nice, but the Berkline are much more comfortable in my opinion. They seemed to have more back support and feel more solid. Prices for each were about the same.
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A few of us up here in the Ottawa Canada have been interested in purchasing HT loungers and have been waiting anxiously for over 2 months now to try out the new LazyBoy Matinee recliners. The primary competitor up here is Jaymar seating which is also readily available up in here and is much cheaper then in the US as they're made just north of Montreal.

I thought I'd share some of my thoughts and opinions on both for anyone in the same boat.

You can see various Jaymar models here:

These are in fact labelled as Bass loungers and sold in the US. Bass simply takes Jaymar seating and calls them their own.

The Lazyboy Matinee recliner can be seen here:

The LazyBoy's were launched up in our area just this past weekend so
I tried them on two different occasions and personally don't find them comfortable as the seat cushion doesn't offer enough support for my taste and to me it (and at least one other person I talked to that tried them) it feels like you've got a hard bar across your tailbone. The Jaymar's were considerably more comfortable and "felt" sturdier and more solid. Unfortunate as I really wanted to like the LazyBoy's as they'd fit well in my setup as they're slightly narrower then most Jaymar seating.

Some other things I didn't like about the LazyBoy's, as compared to Jaymar/Bass:

- The cupholders are cheap looking & plastic and have to be pushed down to lock for some odd reason (I can't see what reason this serves other then a 'cool' factor. The cup holder pushes down way too easily to serve any purpose in the upright position. To me this feature's simply a gimmick.)
- The Lazyboy frames are made of plywood, not solid wood.
- The arm/console trays are completely useless IMHO (and uncomfortable). Not a big deal as you obviously don't have to get this option.
- The foot rests on the LazyBoy's weren't as deep as the Jaymar's.
- While I'm not interested in the motorized version of either chair, I didn't like how the LazyBoy switch to recline is a little bar between the cushion and armrest that's harder to reach then the Jaymar switch half-way up the inside of the armrest.
- Styling: This is a very personal opinion of course, but to me the Jaymar's look like they belong in a home environment while the LazyBoy's to me have a more utilitarian/commercial feel to them.
- Around here, LazyBoy's in leather are x2 the price of micro-fibre. Similar leather quality in Jaymar's doesn't command as much of a price increase making leather Jaymar's a reasonable upgrade.
- The LazyBoy manuf. warranty is 1 year. I believe I read around here that Jaymar offers 2 years.


- The LazyBoy's are more of a wall-away design, allowing you to put them closer to a back wall then most Jaymar's.
- Slight different then the last point: For people with multiple rows & risers the LazyBoy frame extends farther back at the feet so that when you recline nothing "pokes out" the back near the floor. This means that your 8-12" riser can press right up against the bottom of the LazyBoy seats while with most Jaymar's you have to leave a couple of inches.

But don't take my word for it - try them out yourself and write back how you feel about them!

I must admit that the pictures of the LazyBoy's in the colour brochure's I've been given look great! But in person the quality just doesn't seem to be the same when you actually get to try them out.

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I agree with everything Kal has written but would add that the seat backs of the La-Z-Boy Matinee's are shorter than most of the Jaymar models, and therefore, are less likely to interefere with surround sound fields for those who are vertically challenged. BTW I also have decided to go with Jaymars after having waited an extended period of time for a chance to check out the La-Z-Boys.
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