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ghoniba's Avatar ghoniba 10:30 AM 12-11-2003
Hi Gang

Not to sure if this fits into this catagory or not, but I do have a karaoke DVD player in my theater!

Had a bad experience with a pair of wireless microphones, too noisy, and just wondered if any of you can recommend a decent pair of WIRELESS microphones that I won't blow the bank on.

Thank you, Glenn
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Ed O'Neill's Avatar Ed O'Neill 05:13 PM 12-11-2003

I actually am a DJ and I use the Gemini system . I had them for awhile with no problems. My mics. are similar to this set http://www.123dj.com/microphones/wireless/vh120.html

There are better brands out there . Do a search for dj equipment and find the best price, but $119 sounds like a good price.

Just my 2 cents
Requis's Avatar Requis 05:31 PM 12-11-2003
Whats a good Karaoke DVD player without mikes to pick up...I would like to do this for the Christmas Holidays...I love the idea of the gemini Mics, how do they sound...and can someone maybe describe how all this is set-up.


ghoniba's Avatar ghoniba 09:48 PM 12-11-2003
Ed, thank you very much for the reply. That's just what I wanted to hear.. from someone in the know. I'll check it out.


I highly recommend the Karaoke. I don't think I (we) have laughed quite so hard in my life. I can't sing to save my life and neither can any of my friends. Funny how one can have a few drinks and believe they can though!

Very easy to set-up. I picked up an el cheapo Electrohome DVD/Karaoke player from Zellers last year for $129.00. It has component/s-video/composite video and audio outs. Both a digital out and a 'regular' stereo out. Then you need to buy some karaoke DVD discs. They display images/video and the words on your TV/projector so everyone can sing along. Typically, you get a choice on the disc as to how loud you want to have the volume from the DVD to play. You'll need a couple of mics, I would recommend wireless though because it is much easier to move around and depending on how many people you have in the room if things get out of hand you might get tangled up. Believe me, it can happen! Just don't get cheap ones. I bought cheap ones, although they looked pretty cool and well made the noise through them was terrible. Ended up having to plug the cords in. Too bad.

You then simply plug the mics into into the front jacks of the player, adjust the mic volume ( a knob on the front of the player, oh, it even has 'echo' to!) and away you go. Depending on what you have plugged the audio outputs into the whole affair plays through your stereo.

It was well worth the expense. The player itself is actually very good as a DVD player. I have an HTPC and I got the player basically for my kids to mess about with. I have ended up using it myself! Great fun. highly recommended.

PS, my wife thought I was nuts bringing the thing home, she now likes it to!

Christmas tip: Last year I bought it for myself, wrapped it up and put it under the tree. I do this every year! great way to get what you want. Just make sure you mark 'From Santa' on the box!

JimKosinski's Avatar JimKosinski 03:07 AM 12-12-2003
I just picked up the new Karaoke Revolution game for my PS2. I figured that since I had the PS2 I would try it. Wow what fun!!! If you do bad you get booed by the game (and your guests) and the game people walk out of the arena. There are 35 songs right now with plans for an expansion disk. Only problem is that the microphone head set is small for big heads like mine, so I just don't get to hear myself sing(?) when playing.
Requis's Avatar Requis 06:35 AM 12-12-2003
Thanks Glen,

That sounds exactly like what Santa is bringing me this year! :)

andyng's Avatar andyng 05:28 PM 12-13-2003
i use shure sm58s..it's the world best vocal mic....i'm looking forward to upgrade to wireless. I think i will look around for shure wireless mic...they range in 200-600.
Karaoke is fund...i have a sony megachanger 985v to keep all of my karaoke collection
Requis's Avatar Requis 05:38 PM 12-13-2003
Hi Andy,

You have that many Karaoke songs???!

Wow !!

I bettre get on my horse...We've been missing out!

Any ideas as to an inexpensive place to buy Karoake songs, and should we be buying them on CD or DVD.


DIY Guy's Avatar DIY Guy 09:12 AM 12-14-2003

The most popular format is released in CD+Graphics and good prices and variety can be found here.
Michael_Saunders's Avatar Michael_Saunders 11:13 PM 12-20-2003
I use a vocopro vhf 33 dual wireless mic system--the set sells for around $199. You may be able to find it cheaper online.

I have experienced no problems with this set and the sound quality is great.

Karaoke is always a hit at my parties. :D
Requis's Avatar Requis 03:45 PM 12-21-2003
Originally posted by DIY Guy

The most popular format is released in CD+Graphics and good prices and variety can be found here.
Hi Steve,

Thanks for the link. Karaoke Christmas!

Requis's Avatar Requis 06:53 PM 12-21-2003
Can anyone comment on these wireless mics. $24.99 USD... could they be any good...I have heard of the shure Mics...but OMG...do ya need them for this type of application. If anyone has the time....is this too cheap a price and are these mics any good.

Ebay number 2367198404
andyng's Avatar andyng 10:31 PM 12-21-2003
requis, what you pay is what you get,

I have a mackie mixer connect with a lexicon special effect, all go to my denon 3802 receiver...using shure sm58 mic...don't be cheap on the mic after all the money you spend on other stuff....i'm will be looking at other specialized karaoke speaker because i'm using my HT speaker for karaoke
vafunkie's Avatar vafunkie 01:16 PM 12-22-2003
i'm using vocopro vhf-77 dual mic set. they sound really good. no feedback even if you point the mic toward your speakers.
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