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pcrx's Avatar pcrx 01:19 PM 12-07-2006

Sent you a paypal payment just now. Awesome!

Thanks in advance!

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cnickersonjr's Avatar cnickersonjr 10:14 AM 12-08-2006
Hey Steve,

I just sent a donation through paypal, if you need any further info email me or send me a PM. I logg onto the forum almost everyday. Thank you for your services.
evil_g13's Avatar evil_g13 08:43 PM 12-08-2006
Got the slides today, they look great! Thanks, Eric
rileydogmi's Avatar rileydogmi 10:27 AM 12-09-2006
Can't wait! Just sent some money.

Steven Good's Avatar Steven Good 07:08 PM 12-09-2006
Everyone who has recently asked for a disc--they're in the mail. With the holiday mail volume, it may take a few extra days to reach you, but they are on their way...

I see another member has created a collection of slides (over 500 it seems) and will soon be offering them. They look great! I'm sure will be a hit for Pepsi fans like brickie....hee hee.

As for a 4th volume of my Coke slide series:

I intend to work on them over the Christmas break. I have two weeks without bookings, so I should be able to crank out a set. Look for them early 2007! As always, I will only ask for enough Pyapal to cover the disc, case, padded mailing envelope and postage costs. Any above and beyond is certainly appreciated but not necessary.

pcrx's Avatar pcrx 10:59 AM 12-18-2006
Thanks for the disc!! Messed with it a bit - SO much to go through my head is spinning! I really like the "Oscars vs. Dollars" and the Star Wars trivia!

I also am anticipating a disc of the slides done by HD in the other thread... and plan on using iMovie or just straight iDVD to put something together using all of this plus some music and maybe a few trailers..... I will have enough slides for almost a dozen different intros! Yikes.
cnickersonjr's Avatar cnickersonjr 11:12 AM 12-18-2006
Got the Disc last week. Nice work!
ska-t-boy's Avatar ska-t-boy 07:41 AM 12-23-2006
Where can I send you payment for this? Everyone here seems to love them!
Steven Good's Avatar Steven Good 03:36 PM 12-23-2006
Originally Posted by ska-t-boy View Post

Where can I send you payment for this? Everyone here seems to love them!

All ordring and Paypal info is in first post of this thread. If you prefer using a check by snail mail, PM me for mailing address...
plaidrab's Avatar plaidrab 06:26 AM 01-05-2007
Just sent paypal. Can't wait.

Thanks so much.
Vincent Kennedy's Avatar Vincent Kennedy 01:57 PM 01-05-2007
Is anybody placing these on their MCE PCs and having their Xbox 360 display them?

If so, how do you keep the XBox360 from zooming in while the slides are displayed?
omudrick's Avatar omudrick 09:45 PM 01-11-2007
Just sent you money.
Looking forward to seeing your work.
bike potato's Avatar bike potato 10:22 PM 01-15-2007
Just sent some more mula - can't wait to see all of your work.
sdavid21's Avatar sdavid21 07:01 PM 01-16-2007

Received it today,

Looks good. Have to just put it together as slide show,

Steven Good's Avatar Steven Good 03:34 PM 01-17-2007
Hi, all!

Sorry I've not been replying much. Troubling computer issues reared their ugly heads these past couple of weeks, and am just getting back up to speed. Fortunately, my backup computer, a laptop, had my coke slide files on it. I was able to check for email/Paypal messages, burn discs to send to everyone who has requested one lately.

However, after a new power supply, new hard drive and a fresh install of XP, I had some "not enough RAM to run program" error messages after I reintalled my Adobe program that I use to make slides jpegs. Round and round it goes....

I think I've worked out the bugs and convinced my computer to run a program that it has always been able to run prior to this hiccup.

Anyway, this weekend is devoted to Coke slides.....well, other than the NFC and AFC championship games. hee hee

Will update when I have something to report. Anyone who still need Volumes 1, 2, & 3, PM me.

rickfritz's Avatar rickfritz 08:16 PM 01-19-2007
Payment sent. Thanks.
Steven Good's Avatar Steven Good 09:55 PM 01-28-2007
Here's a link to new thread regarding volume 4:

I'd like to lock this thread now....
David Bott's Avatar David Bott 11:17 AM 01-29-2007
Threads closed at Steven request. See new thread listed above.
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