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gumati's Avatar gumati 06:59 AM 04-15-2010
am think to do it by my self

gumati's Avatar gumati 07:02 AM 04-15-2010
i found this site

what u think about it ?
Monster0's Avatar Monster0 01:27 PM 04-17-2010
Originally Posted by PTHowe View Post

Hi Everyone,
Found out Starceiling designer has been out of the country? Have no idea why or if that will help or hurt. Should be back this week.

Keep your fingers crossed.

Any new "news" on Oliver?
Monster0's Avatar Monster0 07:07 PM 04-18-2010
So, as is apparent, Oliver "has left the building."

I finally got to the point in my HT construction that I was starting to install the Star Ceiling today, which I purchased from Oliver (a.k.a. Star Ceiling Designer) last year.
Well, come to find out that my power module and my shooting star module aren't working

I've never used them before, and just pulled them out of the box today, thinking that they would work, (being BRAND NEW and all). I did think it would be a good idea to test them, BEFORE installing them on the ceiling.
The Power module is completely dead. I think I can buy a replacement for it, but in reality, Oliver should replace an item that is D.O.A.
The shooting star module has a burnt/non-functioning LED. Any chance anyone knows what LED light is used in these modules?
Since no one is getting a response from Oliver, I suspect that I'm on my own to try and fix it. So, any help or insight that someone could offer, would be greatly appreciated. Heck, even some guidence from Oliver, would be welcomed. (I know, FAT CHANCE!)
PTHowe's Avatar PTHowe 08:51 PM 04-19-2010
Hi Monster(),

Have heard from StarCeiling Designer. Was delayed by the volcano in Iceland. Not sure what will be the out come. It looks like he may really be closing is store. I have several more conversations to have I will let you know.

Keep your fingers crossed.

Nightbreed's Avatar Nightbreed 07:34 AM 04-20-2010
I hope someone offers to take over his business. He makes a great product and it would be ashame for it to be over.
PTHowe's Avatar PTHowe 08:35 AM 04-20-2010
Are you making an offer?
Monster0's Avatar Monster0 09:53 AM 04-20-2010
Originally Posted by Nightbreed View Post

I hope someone offers to take over his business. He makes a great product and it would be ashame for it to be over.

Completely agree. His stuff is really flexible. I whish I could have gotten another "twinkle" module.
StarDesigner's Avatar StarDesigner 10:14 AM 04-20-2010
Hi every one , sorry for my long off time , i had some trouble in the last month of 2009 and some private matter to get solved. And since my shop was closed i was in Norway, to get to know my fiancé better. Sorry if i caused people here trouble.

But after 3 years of just work, and lots of finished project's , i needed some time out. And yes i will move to Norway.

Does that mean that SCD will close , i hope not , either the business will be taken over by some one , or i will reopen it after i have settled in the new environment. what may take a few month.

But to get down to the point :

Monster0: The power supply might still be in 220V mode, there is a switch on the side where you can set it to 110V, please try that.

The non functioning led , can either be fixed by me or you its a standard 5mm
55.000cmd white led.

Infiltrator: What order number do you have , so i can check up on what might went wrong with your order.

For every one else i will check this forum now regular , to see how needs some more stuff before my break or the business take over

Beside that yes if some one is interested in taking over my business, please contact me over PM

Best regards Oliver
Deepsky4565's Avatar Deepsky4565 11:16 PM 04-20-2010
Hi Oliver,

On my shooting star 2012 module, the direction reverse does not "stick" between power cycles. Any fix for this? I really don't want to try to rewire the fiber optics. Thanks!
StarDesigner's Avatar StarDesigner 08:09 AM 04-21-2010
Originally Posted by Deepsky4565 View Post

Hi Oliver,

On my shooting star 2012 module, the direction reverse does not "stick" between power cycles. Any fix for this? I really don't want to try to rewire the fiber optics. Thanks!

Mh ok i have to look into that , they should keep the settings.
But right now there would be no fix for it since its not posible to update the firmware inside the shooting star module, without sending it in. So my best guess would be repluging the fiber would be the best way for now. But i will have a look at the source code.
Best regards Oliver (Stardesigner)
StarDesigner's Avatar StarDesigner 07:08 PM 04-22-2010
Hi , before my move to Norway and ether a time out or selling of the business, either way a time out , i will do a last order batch, of the SCD2012 series and modules. If i get over 15 modules together in orders, it will be produced.

Right now the module count is 5 in preorder.

So for all other out there last chance for a while to get the SCD2012 star System.

Best regards Oliver
PTHowe's Avatar PTHowe 05:43 PM 04-23-2010
I have a question: The base module is powered from a USB connection to the computer. After you configure the system. Does the Base module need to be powered to operate correctly?

StarDesigner's Avatar StarDesigner 08:25 AM 04-24-2010
That depends if you want to use the remote option where you use a ir remote to control functions. If so yes you need power , but you can use a apple usb charger, it gives the 5V needed too the Base Station.

Best regards Oliver
WannaTheater's Avatar WannaTheater 05:48 AM 04-26-2010
Hi all,

For those that have the white twinkle modules: If I put all fibers from one LED port into one "quadrant of my ceiling," and all fibers from another led port into another quadrant, etc, does the twinkle look "unnatural," i.e. twinkling by quadrant? Or does everyone mix fiber from each LED port all over the sky surface?

Deepsky4565's Avatar Deepsky4565 05:55 AM 04-26-2010
Yes, that would look unnatural. You really want to mix up the fibers to get a natural twinkle effect.
StarDesigner's Avatar StarDesigner 09:46 AM 04-26-2010
Yes mixing the fibers into the 10 ports is a must , this way you can have the most relistic twinkle together with the SCD2012 Twinkle module. And no twinkle will be the same , its real random

OK here is the offer for all who want to get a last kit

SCD2012 Base Station
SCD2012 Twinkle White Module
SCD2012 RGB Module
SCD2012 Shooting Star Module
4000ft of 0.5mm fiber

for $699 + Shipping

For sale are 4 kits
when all 4 are sold i will start making them , since i need to reorder a batch of
the twinkle white PCB's so the lead time after payment will be 3-4 weeks.

Best regards
Deepsky4565's Avatar Deepsky4565 12:32 AM 04-27-2010
Hey, StarDesigner, for my setup I'd like to get 2 RGB twinkle modules. Any chance of this?
StarDesigner's Avatar StarDesigner 07:02 AM 04-27-2010
Shure no problem, i reopen the onl;ine shop tonight, and then orders can be placed. best regards Oliver
PTHowe's Avatar PTHowe 02:41 PM 04-30-2010
Hi StarDesigner,
I have tight space requirements. You have the size of the modules. (Great)
How much room should I plan for the fiber. The connection to the module will need space.

WannaTheater's Avatar WannaTheater 05:47 AM 05-07-2010
Hi Oliver,

How about a close-out kit for 1 base, 2 white twinkle modules, and a power supply?

PTHowe's Avatar PTHowe 01:44 PM 05-07-2010
Hi Everyone,
I read in one of the threads that someone had printed out a bunch of pages which gave him the star config for the stars in the night sky. They then attached the pages to the ceiling panels as a guide to drill the holes.

Now that I am interested I can not find the reference. Anyone who can help?

bluejayht's Avatar bluejayht 04:45 PM 05-07-2010
Go to this site and click on whole sky chart. You can view star maps from any location at any time, like a birthday or anniversary by configuring your location and choosing a date and time. You can even choose a location down to a street intersection and the time to a particular minute. You can save your desired sky map to a disc and bring to a printing shop to enlarge and print a certain size as a template.
PTHowe's Avatar PTHowe 08:09 PM 05-07-2010
Thanks for the link. If I can get it to print correct
Am going to download this application and see how it works.

It should slice up the large image and create pages which I can
print and then paste together.

I will let you know.

StarDesigner's Avatar StarDesigner 07:19 AM 05-10-2010
Hi, all orders are in for the last batch, and all materials are ordered.
My guess is that in about 2-3 weeks i should have shipped out the kits.

Also I'm on to make a photo tour of the work process, for those who are interested in knowing what is all involved in making those units and ceilings.

And best is to use a video projector and the software :
to make the panels.

Best regards
wilfred9's Avatar wilfred9 07:27 PM 05-15-2010
Hi, I am new to this forum and I am shopping for star ceiling products. I went to star designer .com website. I liked the products but to my utmost surprise there is no contact information on this site. No contact phone number and not even an e-mail address. How on earth a customer can talk to anyone after he has given his credit card information to buy this company's products when there is no phone number or e-mail listed. Can someone reply if anyone has done business with this company. Any feedback is highly appreciated.
PTHowe's Avatar PTHowe 01:54 PM 05-18-2010
Hi wilfred9,
I have found out that StarDesigner is in the process of relocation. He is doing a last run of modules for the persons who made a request. If we are lucky he will be back online in a few months. The other options are product line sold or products discontinued. I am hoping that StarDesigner will be back online developing his product soon.

Let me know if you learn anything.

Jacob B's Avatar Jacob B 04:20 PM 05-19-2010
Hi Oliver,
I placed an order yesterday for the 699 $ kit - your website said one kit was still in stock.
Is this correct?
Hope to hear from you soon, send a PM as well with shipping questions.

StarDesigner's Avatar StarDesigner 08:08 AM 05-23-2010
since i have now all parts here and on its way to me , the shipping of the orders will so be on the 28.05.2010 via canada express post.

I will inform every body of there tracking number.

Beside that eather i will continue this project in norway, or i sell it eather way,
the product will still get support from me , and the front end software will be made open source, so every body can further develop or customize the pc interface of the modules. The hardware software will remain private.

Best regards
skipford's Avatar skipford 07:31 PM 05-23-2010
Knowing that StarDesigner is relocating and possibly not going into further production for a while, what is the next best product in your opinions for a starfield. I am just starting to build a new home theater and would like to incorporate a star field.

Can anybody point me in the right direction? StarDesigner's product looked very promising!
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