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Young C's Avatar Young C 10:05 AM 03-13-2014
This thread isn't active at all eek.gif

HDTVChallenged's Avatar HDTVChallenged 10:29 AM 03-14-2014
DVR effect? smile.gif
MSmith83's Avatar MSmith83 12:09 PM 03-14-2014
I'm like eight episodes behind. I will have to schedule a marathon viewing some weekend.
mr. wally's Avatar mr. wally 10:24 PM 03-14-2014
the douche and duke are back!
Demolition Man's Avatar Demolition Man 01:57 PM 03-16-2014
I thought this week's episode was kind of meh. Maybe it's one of those episodes I'll enjoy more the second time around during a marathon reviewing of season 6 but on it's own I felt kind of cold.
mr. wally's Avatar mr. wally 03:04 PM 04-25-2014

what a creative ending to this season

can't off hand think of another show that done this before

good thing they're coming back next season as they really set themselves up well for
a lot of plot possibilities

kudos to whoever came up with this
Gojhawks's Avatar Gojhawks 05:34 AM 04-29-2014
As the show progressed I started to think perhaps this was the series finale and somehow I had missed that news. Very interesting way to end a season. I look forward to seeing what they come up with next.
skyehill's Avatar skyehill 04:12 PM 05-11-2014
Announced today that this upcoming shortened season will be its last. 13 episodes were ordered and they'll be aired as a mid-season replacement. Most likely for one of the shows that inevitably bomb on NBC.

I wouldnt have minded season 6 being the last. It ended really well. Hopefully knowing its their final season doesn't turn the final episodes into a long slow sappy goodbye.
Demolition Man's Avatar Demolition Man 12:57 AM 05-16-2014
Not too happy with NBC treating the final season like some kind of after thought but... this is NBC we're talking about here. mad.gif
Young C's Avatar Young C 07:24 AM 01-13-2015
The final season is premiering tonight. Weird schedule, on a Tuesday
mr. wally's Avatar mr. wally 01:38 AM 01-15-2015
Great double show with some hilarious tweaks using the time shift

This should be a wonderful final half season

I will miss this show dearly
jjeff's Avatar jjeff 05:40 AM 01-15-2015
To each his own, myself and my family aren't really caring for the 2017?? world that they now live in At least we're still thinking they are living in that time frame since they haven't said anything since the first episode this year and the storyline hasn't seemed to have gone back in time to the present. My guess is also that those clear tablets that project things in mid air are supposed to be something of the least I've never seen anything like them.
Gotta love that Tami though
Due to respect were going to give it several more episodes to turn around before deleting our day one Season Pass. For us P&R started out a bit slow, for us anyway it seems to be finishing that way too....
sirjonsnow's Avatar sirjonsnow 12:36 PM 01-15-2015
Loved Jon Hamm showing up again, then Andy and April buy the house Dick Whitman grew up in.
Garrett Adams's Avatar Garrett Adams 04:03 PM 01-15-2015
Strange how Councilman Jamm, after losing his Ron Swanson mustache, had quickly regrown his regular beard.
mr. wally's Avatar mr. wally 12:06 AM 01-22-2015
what a terrific double header

both the prez harrison ep and ron and Leslie were superb
outstanding performances by both poehler and offerman

Plus all the great throw away jokes throughout had me rolling, especially the chick filet and game of thrones references

so far these guys are just nailing the final season
Young C's Avatar Young C 04:34 PM 02-20-2015
'Parks and Rec' executive producer Harris Wittels found dead
By the TMZ staff | Thursday, February 19, 2015 |

Harris Wittels, one of the executive producers of "Parks and Recreation" died at his home Thursday from a possible drug overdose TMZ has learned. According to law enforcement sources Wittels was pronounced dead around 1:00 PM. We're told the 30-year-old was found lying on his couch and there was drug paraphernalia in the house. There were no signs of trauma to his body.

Wittels spoke openly about his battles with drug addiction. He'd gone to rehab twice. In addition to working on 'Parks & Rec' Wittels produced and wrote for "Eastbound and Down" and "The Sarah Silverman Program." He's also credited with making "Humblebrag," a thing on social media and even turned it into a coffee table book. 'Parks & Rec' is in its final season, and the last episode is set to air next week.

Wittels performed stand-up Wednesday night at The Meltdown an L.A.comedy theater. During his set he talked about being clean and sober and said he was in a good place.
mr. wally's Avatar mr. wally 03:15 PM 02-24-2015
tonight, last two episodes of parks and rec - ever

sad to see my favorite sitcom go,

ignored by the masses, loved by critics, and shunned by emmys

this beautiful, hilarious show has been broadcast televisions best kept secret, and as
time passes, it will finally be recognized as one of the best sitcoms to hit the airwaves in recent times

so many memorable scenes, and especially so many beloved characters.
from champion the dog, to the douche, to tammy 1, to my favorite sitcom character of all
mr. ron swanson
thanks for all the laughs these past 7 years
wdkerbow's Avatar wdkerbow 12:14 PM 02-25-2015
One of the greatest moments in sit-com history, and fitting. This one gives me goose bumps.

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