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Yea, as someone said above, "I thought it was just me".

C'mon, we all know Quinn isn't going to die (otherwise he'd have been killed off in this episode) and Saul will reveal to Carrie at the beginning of next season that appearing to go along with Adal is really a super-secret plot to unmask him.

Frankly, I got a bit excited when I thought, just after it appeared Carrie would succumb to Quinn's charms, that Adal was going to have Quinn killed. That would have been the old "hero can't find happiness" theme, a sad but at least involving ending.

But we didn't get even that (I mean: "Why did Quinn change his mind anyway?").
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I know many want another 24 or at least a majority of action, but I like Homeland because it tries to balance action, thoughtful dialogue and human drama.

Having said that, I was also disappointed in the season finale. I expect such episodes to wrap up some threads and leave us excited for next season with others. Last night, nothing was wrapped up. Okay, but worse, they wrapped up nothing in a pretty mundane way. Nor was there any compelling scenes leaving me tingling with anticipation for next year.

As far as season finales for shows I really like, this was one of the worst.
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Do anyone want to see Carrie's mother, sister, half-brother or even that ugly baby?

Well I guess they could only have so much preposterous plots and implausible actions in a season so they have to soften it up.

They'll probably base the next season on the next international hotspot. For now, it seems it will be Syria/Iraq, which is where Quinn is going.

Or if that doesn't pan out, they still can play out the revenge on Haqqani for awhile. At the end of the previous season, Carrie was going to Istanbul but there's no action there so they had to throw her into Istanbul.

They better get some better looking women on the cast now that Farah is dead, though maybe they're not finished with Tasneem.
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I keep watching this show from the beginning of season one and keep asking myself why. Something compels me to keep watching but I can't figure out why. Its not any good at all.

These are just my opinions.
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Gotta justify that Showtime subscription somehow?

Good thing they had The Affair right afterwards.

Looking forward to Episodes in a couple of weeks. Shameless and House of Lies, I can take or leave.

Showtime needs more fresh blood. Affair was good and so was Ray Donovan. Penny Dreadful, never watched.
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Just caught last night's finale and wow, what a stinker. This was the biggest waste of an episode since Caracas, and as the season finale no less.
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Originally Posted by SupaKats View Post
As has been said really bad episode. I appreciate them wanting to give James Rebhorn a send off but it just seemed so out of place for a season finally. Maybe had they condensed the elements of episodes 1-11 to fit into the first 10 and then had this episode be the 11th with a finale that deals with Carrie finding out about Quinn leaving and Saul possibly selling out it would have made more sense.

I think they wanted to do a proper "send off" for Rebhorn which is what this episode was supposed to be. I agree that it felt out of place within the season and more like a set up episode. This is much like what GoT does where most of the action suspense is in the episode prior to the finale and the finale is more of a bridge to next season rather than an action packed major cliffhanger episode. Coming off the high that was the past few episodes I think it fell flat, but understand why they did it.

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Originally Posted by wco81 View Post

...or even that ugly baby?
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