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I loved tonight's episode, especially Selina's comment to Mike that he should take off his shroud of urine.

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Saw the season premiere last night.. but I'm afraid I'm finding the appeal of this show waning. The dialog and insults seem to be extremely forced, and jarring - especially with Selena. I did really enjoy the bits between Danny and Jonah, because they were more realistic in how two frat boys would jab at each other. Selena's dialog however seems to be trying too hard for the shock value.
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The show lost its poignancy when Armando Iannucci left after season four. Veep has always used crass language, but season five was mostly just profanity for profanity's sake. I remember in one of the early season five episodes Selena called the prime minister of some country (Finland, maybe?) a crass word out of the blue, and I was left wondering... but why is she a ___? In previous seasons, there would first have been an explanation of all the stupid things the prime minister had done, and then it would have been summed up with an expletive, but season five descended into just slinging insults left and right solely for shock value, rather than as a frank commentary on the failings of elected officials, which was pretty much the whole point of the show in its first four seasons.

Unfortunately, it seems that Iannucci was the core of Veep, and it's only a hollow shell of its former self without him.
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I love it as much as before. This show has the art of the putdown pat.

Here are some of the great quotes from episode 1 of season 6:

Amy: We are going to make Buddy Calhoun the next governor of this dried coyote turd of a state. So saddle up your emphysema tanks, you inbred cousin ****ers. We are going to drag this state into the twentieth century. That's right, I said twentieth.

Ben: Without him, we don't have a Chinaman's chance.
Uber guy: I'm sorry, Ben. Here at Uber - and in the rest of the world - the word Chinaman is considered inappropriate.
Ben: No, no, no. It's okay. My wife is oriental. All of them have been. Kinda got yellow fever.

Jonah: My fellow representatives, my conscience demands that I speak out against HR-723, the so-called healthy school lunch act. Dessert is an apple. I mean, it's no wonder kids are shooting up schools with lunches like these. When I was a kid, I ate sloppy joes, pizza on a bagel. The only green bean I ate was a green jelly bean and I grew up to be so tall, my stupid mom had to get a different car.

Selina: Can you believe this? The anni-****ing-versary of the historic house vote. I feel like we're celebrating my frat house gang rape except I didn't even get a candlelight vigil.
Gary: I love candles.

Roger: Can I have a moment of your time, Congressman Powder?
Jonah: Absolutely, Roger.
Roger: What?
Jonah: Congressman, uh, minority house leader Furlong.
Roger: Do you know what the chief agricultural product of my district in Ohio is? I'll give you a hint. It looks like Will's wife's clit.
Jonah: Mangos?
Roger: No, tell him, Will.
Will: Green beans.
Roger: That's why I spent two months jamming them into that school lunch bill. Like what, Will?
Will: Like me jamming anonymous trucker **** into my mouth at a public restroom well known for that purpose.
Roger: I don't know if you could hear me over the sound of your ball tumors metastasizing, but Americans don't care what poor kids eat.
Kent: Actually, Congressman, better tasting school lunches poll surprisingly well. It's a real hot button issue.
Roger: Kent Davidson, how the mighty have fallen. You want me to call a Japanese porn shoot and see if I can get you a real job sponging up bukkake parties? Although you might have to lie about working for Meyer.
Jonah: He's already got a job much better than sponging up jizz, right, Kent?
[Kent sighs]

Selina: Whose balls did I twerk to end up here in the triangle shirtwaist offices? This is the worst place they have ever stuffed an ex-president, and I'm including JFK's coffin.

Selina: Being an ex-president is like being a man's nipple. People go right by it to jerk off a dick.

Marjorie: We can't do anything about AIDS.
Selina: Who are you? Ronald Reagan?

Amy: Hey, purple mountains majesty, we need to put together an attack ad yester-****ing-day so give me five options from party girl to coke whore for ****.
Buddy: You know what? I actually went to high school with Kristin Steptoe and she's a lovely gal.
Amy: Eh, my guess is if you gave her a rail to snort off your dick, she would let you **** a hole in her septum.

Jonah: All my hair fell out - including my pubes, Dan.
Dan: Come on, you never had any pubes.

Dan: You look like you should be underground worshipping an atomic bomb, you human ****ing pap smear.

Dan: I didn't think it was possible for you to look more like a giant ****. I guess it's true what they say - you are what you eat.

Amy: I am not some teased-hair casino kooze who will let you jizz all over her face for a handful of chips.
And from episode 3:

Selina: Oh my goodness, you're so funny! If only the American people could have known you for your sense of humor instead of your bizarre indifference to apartheid.

Selina: Let's go see what else Hughes stole from the West Wing.

Selina: I don't understand how a guy who never cracked a book can open a library.

Gary: How is an ex-President's ex moving back in with her going to go over with small town America?
Selina: Unlike small town America, Andrew ****s me in a way I really enjoy.

Selina: This is as impromptu as a colonoscopy but with quadruple the *******s.

Selina: I'm the only living President who doesn't have [a Presidential library]. And do you know why that is?
Richard: Because you served less than one year?

[Will sprays antibacterial gel on Furlong's hands]
Furlong: Can't be too safe. That sweaty pederast has ruined more more kids than the common core. Luckily Will's anal halitosis renders him completely unboofable. Tell them why, Will.
Will: I'm fortunate to be odious to all colors on the sexual spectrum.

Furlong: So what is it? Speak, Professor X-gavier.
Jonah: Minority leader Furlong, with Congressman Shields's retirement, there is an empty seat on ways and means, so-
Furlong: Yeah, let me save you the peanut log you're about to squeeze out of your face anus here. No. You remain in detention on the ethics committee with the rest of the special ed breakfast club.
Jonah: Nobody in Congress cares about ethics! Jonah Ryan needs to make waves!
Furlong: Dismissed, G.I. Slow.
Jonah: Yeah, I'm free Saturday night.
Furlong: I am shocked. Good luck getting your precious back from those mean hobbits, Smeagol.

Andrew: It turns out people are considerably more interested in your library than they are in adult literacy or AIDS.
Selina: Well, I guess AIDS had a good run.
Andrew: I have a Pakistani industrialist who's interested in donating $20 million if you can get his cousin off the no-fly list.
Selina: As long as he promises not to blow up my library, I don't really give a ****.

Selina: In terms of the library, I would really like to have a reflecting pool, some place for people to come and sit and reflect on what this **** suck of a country did to me.

Selina: Who else do you know that went to Yale that could help us?
Richard: Well, I did. I can call my RA. We're still pretty close. Your undergrad alma mater Smith College said they were open to exploring.
Andrew: Just like a Smith girl open to exploring.
Selina: Lesbians would really know how to run a library.

Jonah: Did you see that? I was standing right there and Furlong didn't invite me to his power broker dinner. I love paella!
Ben: Wives in this town make the social calendar. Mrs. Furlong likes inviting couples, not unregistered sex offenders.
Kent: If you want to position yourself for higher office, long term you will need a committed partner, specifically a woman.
Jonah: **** that dated paradigm. I am a balling bachelor sexual congressman. I will be passing bills by day and smashing gash by night.
Ben: Congressman, being a bachelor in this town means you're gayer than a TV evangelist.
Jonah: Goddammit, I hate homophobia.
Kent: If it's any consolation, statistically speaking, married politicians have more sex with single women than single politicians.

Richard: Estimates for construction [of the library] are coming in at $300 million.
Selina: Can we reallocate some of the money from the Meyer fund to the library?
Andrew: Absolutely.
Richard: Actually that's a felony.
Selina: So we just tell them that we have it all.
Andrew: And then we just shuffle papers around until it looks like we actually do.
Richard: That's also a felony.

Jonah: You can have dessert or an appetizer, but not both.

Jonah: Do you have any current pictures of your mother? I need both front and rear.

Amy: Andrew is very hard to get rid of. He's like the herpes virus or an unwanted child.
Selina: In this case, he gave me both.

Selina: Amy Brookheimer just hung up on me. It doesn't get lower than that, does it?

Gary: I just didn't want to tell you, "I told you so."
Selina: Because you didn't, did you? You just rolled your eyes like the world's bitchiest mime.

Marjorie: Ma'am, you are unstable and manipulative and I worry about the genes you will pass down to our child. But your ex is worse.
Selina: I appreciate that. It means a lot. You're like a son to me.

Mike: Apparently Andrew kept referring to his penis as the First Chubbie.

Selina: That's like Princess Di hiring Camilla Parker-Bowles to be her limo driver! Although in that case that would have worked out better for her.

Buddy: I can't believe I spent the night in jail.
Amy: It's a piddling DUI. In Nevada, that's practically a resume builder. There's a guy driving drunk on the state flag right next to the guy beating his wife.

Dan: Let me give you one word of advice - run. This predator has roofied more women than Kappa Alpha Cosby.
Jonah: That's not an actual fraternity.
Dan: Unless you enjoy the thrill of waking up in a basement torture dungeon, I'd say call it a night.
Crystal: Maybe I should go.
Jonah: Crystal, it's fine. It's just an unfinished basement.
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^ ^ ^ Like he said!

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Not my favorite show, but I really like last Sunday's show. The plane ride was hilarious. Selina Meyers belongs in an institution and Gary breaking character to laugh at her JFK being a one year president joke. Really like Richard's quite slip ins. That's a felony.

(Mike hired as PR) Congratulations!
(Mike instantly fired as PR) Tough break man.

Still, I hope they ween off the insult comedy. I like it in small doses, but it is cheap and lazy writing.

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