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Bluto17's Avatar Bluto17 08:03 AM 05-17-2013
Originally Posted by HDMe2 View Post

Originally Posted by Ron Temple View Post

I liked this show from the beginning... but this finale really was one of the better season-enders I can remember in a long time.

Agreed. That hour went fast. This show has been pleasant surprise.

vfxproducer's Avatar vfxproducer 11:52 AM 05-17-2013
Fantastic episode. Great drama, great character development, great action. Plus, they avoided the cliche of actually having the good guy save the city. Boom, all that work, and the Glades still topple.

Love that they kind of left it open ended with Merlyn. Sure, Diggle was left behind with him, but we know that Diggle wouldn't do the smart thing and just put a bullet into Merlyn's head to make sure he's down for good. Good guys don't do that.

Nice earthquake effects at the end, too. Very good overall. I was really worried that this series would turn out to be as bad as Birds of Prey, but it turned out to be the best of the new drama this season, by far. I'm looking forward to season 2.

archiguy's Avatar archiguy 12:01 PM 05-17-2013
I'm afraid both Merlins are dead, Jim. Tommy got re-barred through the chest, wasn't going anywhere, and then the building collapsed on him. And Malcom got an arrow thru the chest and got off a deadpan witty closing line with the "redundancy" comment. John Barrowman is now free to bring back Cap'n Jack or create another memorable role in a new show. New season = new villains.

Great finale, though. Ollie got to demonstrate another ridiculously difficult strength move, Felicity looked sexy, almost cried, and figured out how to diffuse one of the bombs. Diggs got knifed in the magical shoulder area from which all heroes completely recover. Roy Harper demonstrates his hero bona-fides by refusing to leave with Thea. Moria is in jail. The Glades is in ruins.

Good setup for next season!
archiguy's Avatar archiguy 12:03 PM 05-17-2013
Originally Posted by vfxproducer View Post

I was really worried that this series would turn out to be as bad as Birds of Prey, but it turned out to be the best of the new superhero dramas this season, by far. I'm looking forward to season 2.


Fixed it for ya', Mark.wink.gif Best new drama of the season, by a wide margin IMO, was 'The Americans'. Different kind of show, though.
vfxproducer's Avatar vfxproducer 01:08 PM 05-17-2013
Originally Posted by archiguy View Post

Fixed it for ya', Mark.wink.gif Best new drama of the season, by a wide margin IMO, was 'The Americans'. Different kind of show, though.

I liked The Americans, but it wasn't my favorite of the season.
bpeacock22's Avatar bpeacock22 02:18 PM 05-17-2013
That was a great finale. Didn't figure the Glades, even part of it, would get leveled. And Tommy's death was certainly surprising. I thought sure he was a shoe in to become a villain, a la Harry Osborne. The fight on the roof was very cinematic for a finale. The emotion was high. That was really one of the better hours on TV I've seen in a while.

Unfortunately, my DirecTV DVR fubared the recording. It was just pixelated jibberish. So I downloaded the CW iPad app and watched it through my Apple TV. You know, beside surround sound, it was a very good picture. And just yesterday CW announced they'll start streaming natively on the Apple TV.
Garrett Adams's Avatar Garrett Adams 05:45 PM 05-17-2013

Technically it was the East Glades that suffered the damage. So the "good guy" did at least mitigate the damage to the Glades.

Aleron Ives's Avatar Aleron Ives 02:51 PM 07-10-2013
It looks like the cast of season 2 is expanding. Reposted from HOTP:

Summer Glau To Recur On CW’s ‘Arrow’
By The Deadline.com Team - Jul. 10, 2013

Summer Glau has been cast in a recurring role on the CW‘s Arrow, which kicks off its second season October 9. Glau, who has amassed plenty of genre street cred in TV series like Joss Whedon’s Firefly and Dollhouse, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and most recently as a recurring on Syfy’s Alphas, is set to play the dangerous Isabel Rochev, Vice President of Acquisitions of Stellmoor International, a company looking to take over Queen Consolidated.

Arrow gained an early second season pickup in February and was the CW’s breakout hit last season, performing strongly after it posted the network’s best series-premiere numbers since 2009. Glau is repped by UTA and the Schiff Co.

archiguy's Avatar archiguy 03:24 PM 07-10-2013
Good news! I'd watch Summer read the paper. And I'd drool, probably.
CPanther95's Avatar CPanther95 04:20 PM 07-10-2013
Agreed. Great news.
Vipfreak's Avatar Vipfreak 01:23 AM 07-11-2013
Wow, Nice!
ss9001's Avatar ss9001 03:13 AM 07-11-2013
Summer is always good in scifi. Looking forward to it smile.gif
Aleron Ives's Avatar Aleron Ives 11:53 PM 07-20-2013
Here are some more details on season 2. Reposted from HOTP:

CW’s ‘Arrow’ Teases Second Season’s New Characters
By Kristina Rettig, Variety.com - Jul. 20, 2013

CW’s surprise hit “Arrow” can cross another Comic-Con off the list after elating fans with a sneak peek of its second season, and a welcome, crowd-pleasing surprise appearance from The Archer himself, John Barrowman.

Before moderator Damian Holbrook of TV Guide could introduce the panelists — which included series stars Stephen Amell, Katie Cassidy, David Ramsey, Emily Bett Rickards, and Colton Haynes, plus executive producers Greg Berlanti, Marc Guggenheim, and Andrew Kreisberg – Ben Brown from Warner Bros. Publicity introduced an exclusive video clip that highlighted what fans can expect in season two.

The most notable details of the video showed that fanboy favorite Summer Glau (“Serenity”) has joined the cast; Oliver’s bow and other tech gear are new and improved thanks to Felicity; Queen industries is in turmoil due to its involvement in Starling City’s devastation; and a new masked female superhero enters the fold.

Producer Andrew Kreisberg was more than happy to share with fans what they can expect in the upcoming season.

“It’s about Oliver becoming the hero,” Kreisberg said of the lead’s upcoming evolution from Arrow to becoming Green Arrow.

Kreisberg also revealed that Oliver will have “a couple more heroes helping him out this season.”

The season premiere will take place five months after the devastating events of season one’s finale, which included Starling City being virtually destroyed and the death of Oliver’s closest friend, Tommy Merlyn (played by Colin Donnell).

“It’s not about crossing names off the list anymore,” said Amell, also citing Tommy’s death as the primary motivation for his character’s change in season two.

In comics news, Kreisberg told fans that the Ramsey’s character Diggle will begin appearing in the comics, and actor Ramsey confirmed that his character will continue to be Oliver’s moral compass on his journey.

When surprise guest John Barrowman sent the room into a frenzy with his appearance, he said that he “would be happy to come back into this family” — even though it would provide added difficulty for the writers since they killed his character off last season’s finale.

Guggenheim also gave DC comics fans something to cheer for when he told the audience that there would be an appearance by Sebastian Blood, who’ll be played by Kevin Alejandro, as well as Bronze Tiger who’ll be played by Michael Jai White.

But the crowd really got excited at the announcement of the addition of The Black Canary to the cast, who it was previously reported would be played by Caity Lotz.

It was also announced that Glau will be playing a villain named Isobel Rochev.

The first season of “Arrow” will be available on DVD and Blu-ray on September 17, and the second season will premiere October 9 on the CW.
Wytchone's Avatar Wytchone 12:43 PM 07-21-2013
WilliamR's Avatar WilliamR 10:08 AM 07-22-2013
Meh, we'll see. Wasn't wowed from the trailer. I guess because the first half was just the first season, not enough of what is going to happen.
archiguy's Avatar archiguy 10:45 AM 07-22-2013
So, neither Helena, nor Laurel, nor Shado, nor Summer Glau, nor even Thea are going to be Black Canary? My goodness - the well of hot, ass-kickin' chicks on this show is deep.

At least the ComicCon's vid shows we may finally get some progress on Ollie's progression to Green Arrow. Now, if he'll only grow the VanDyke...
mike1812's Avatar mike1812 11:12 AM 07-22-2013
Yea, after watching that, I'm kinda ticked off that Laurel is not Black Canary. It's like having all the ingredients to bake a perfect chocolate cake, then you go and toss in jalapeno peppers. Why would they change who Black Canary is? Does not compute.
bonscott87's Avatar bonscott87 12:33 PM 07-22-2013

Read up on some of the interviews.  Nowhere have the producers stated that Laurel isn't the Black Canary...eventually. Remember, Dinah Drake was the *first* Black Canary in the comics.  :)

mike1812's Avatar mike1812 04:01 PM 07-22-2013

I'm really more interested in what they will do with Roy, because there's been NO hinting that I've seen (or anything in the trailer) to indicate what will become of his character's destiny.
Wytchone's Avatar Wytchone 07:20 AM 07-25-2013
I think they did that on purpose. We have to wait to see who "it" may be.
WilliamR's Avatar WilliamR 05:34 AM 07-31-2013
TCA Summer 2013 Notes
'Flash' Writers Preview The CW's Newest Superhero
By Lesley Goldberg, The Hollywood Reporter's 'Live Feed' Blog - Jul. 30, 2013

The CW rocked the comics world Tuesday morning when network president Mark Pedowitz announced the home to Arrow is developing a series based on DC Comics character The Flash from the team behind its Stephen Amell starrer.

The youth-skewing network will look to Arrow co-creators/executive producers Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg as well as director David Nutter, to introduce the lightning-fast character during the second season of Arrow. Berlanti, Kreisberg and DC Entertainment's Geoff Johns -- a writer and consultant on Arrow -- will pen the project for Warner Bros. Television; Nutter will direct.

Barry Allen, the alter ego of the lightning-fast Scarlet Speedster, will be introduced in the eighth, ninth and 20th episodes of Arrow's upcoming second season, Kreisberg and Johns told reporters during a Tuesday afternoon conference call. Casting is now underway to find an actor to play the DC Comics hero in what will be an origin story similar to Oliver Queen/Arrow. The 20th episode will serve as the backdoor pilot for Flash. All three Barry Allen episodes will be penned by Berlanti, Kreisberg and Johns.

"When we first meet Barry Allen, he's just a forensic scientist … an ordinary man," Kreisberg said, stressing the character, like Amell's vigilante, will be grounded in reality and as realistic as possible. The first two episodes will see the character in Queen's home of Starling City, with the 20th providing a window to see Barry in The Flash's world.

"Part of the fun for the audience … is to see how we view our Arrow take on the Flash legacy," Kreisberg said. "Some of it will feel very familiar to DC Comics, some of it hopefully will feel different, fresh and exciting. The same way we approached Arrow is the same way we're approaching Barry."

One of the things that grounds CW's Arrow is the fact that the series isn't about individuals with superpowers -- with The Flash a clear violation of that. Producers noted that they'll handle the introduction of Barry's superspeed in a way that isn't commonplace. "There will be extraordinary events in the world and the characters will react in the same way," Kreisberg noted.

"The fact he has superpowers, there's something more relatable about Barry among the Big Seven of the Justice League," he added. "He got his powers by accident; he's not a god, he's not an alien … his reactions to that feel very … human and grounded."

Since Flash is a backdoor pilot episode of Arrow, the character will mix it up with Oliver -- providing a stark contrast between the two heroes.

"Oliver Queen is a very dark and tortured soul, and Barry is not," Kreisberg said, noting he will have a profound impact on Oliver, Diggle and Felicity. "He's a great character who is going to affect all of our characters' lives. It will be fun … to see these two characters together because they have two different worlds."

Added Johns: "We're also exploring a very personal story for Barry -- life as a forensic scientist and the people around him, the tragedies and how he deals with them -- in a very different way than Oliver Queen. The intention, they noted, will be to add to Arrow instead of stripping away characters from the series should the spinoff move forward, meaning it's likely the residents of Starling City will remain there.

Johns reiterated that the Justice League member will be seen as The Flash -- complete with his trademark red costume and not a poor imitation. Added Kreisberg: "No sweat suits or strange code names; he will be The Flash."

Producers haven't yet figured out how they plan to depict the Flash's lightning speed but Johns insisted it won't just be the standard "blurring around."

"It's not what people expect," Kreisberg said. "We want to do something fresh, new and exciting and give people a real cinematic experience the same way we did with Arrow."

As for casting, Kreisberg would only note that the process -- which will be overseen by the same casting director who handles Arrow -- has begun. "Blonds will be preferred," he joked.

bpeacock22's Avatar bpeacock22 07:39 PM 10-09-2013
You know what? I'm just having a good time with this show. I thought the premiere was really good. A lot going on. Oliver growing into his role as a hero. A city moving on. A family and company trying to rebuild. I liked it. Ha...at first, I thought the opening scene was going to end up being some dream fantasy of Felicity's. Interesting that they had Oliver go back to the island.

Couple oddities. I think it would have worked better for Diggle to have gotten the new bow. Not sure how Felicity is so knowledgeable. I'd also reallylidke to see, just once, someone bounce off the window they intend to slam through. It would be hilarious. Also, nothing but the best 300 lb rated chain for the Queen Consolidated blinds, eh?

I can't tell what they are doing with Roy. Is he going to join the team at some point? And who's the fighter chick? This Black Canary character you guys have been talking about?
Matt L's Avatar Matt L 08:54 PM 10-09-2013
I thought it was a good opener too. I like Summer, but not in this part. Odds are they are setting her up as a love interest, but I really don't need the conflict in the boardroom stuff that is sure to be a preamble.
Aleron Ives's Avatar Aleron Ives 09:36 PM 10-10-2013
I thought Glau's introduction was a letdown as well, considering how having her on the show was supposed to be a big deal. It's also too bad that Oliver seems to be heading down the road of typical superhero goody-goody spinelessness. The island scenes weren't very well integrated, either, compared to how they flowed in the last season. I'm not sure this year's changes are going to be for the better, but I'll be sticking around to find out.
jabbathespud's Avatar jabbathespud 09:45 PM 10-10-2013
Anyone notice the superstructure of the sunken ship during the parachute scene at the start matched the ship shown at the end?
goneten's Avatar goneten 07:30 AM 10-13-2013
I'm amazed at how consistently high quality this show has become. Shows like Supernatural don't even come close (IMO). Very impressive season premiere.
Church AV Guy's Avatar Church AV Guy 02:51 PM 10-13-2013
Considering how difficult it was getting onto the island in the beginning of the show, how did they get off it and back (apparently) so easily that it wasn't even mentioned? Did I miss something?
archiguy's Avatar archiguy 03:15 PM 10-13-2013
Originally Posted by Church AV Guy View Post

Considering how difficult it was getting onto the island in the beginning of the show, how did they get off it and back (apparently) so easily that it wasn't even mentioned? Did I miss something?

Details. wink.gif

Maybe Ollie had a boat, or called one.
Aleron Ives's Avatar Aleron Ives 03:59 PM 10-13-2013
He reached the island by accident the first time, but a man of his wealth would have no trouble chartering a private plane to take him there on purpose, once he knew where it was. He had a hard time getting rescued because nobody thought to look for him on an uninhabited island, not because the island was particularly hard to reach by air.
VisionOn's Avatar VisionOn 09:01 PM 10-13-2013
Ollie getting off the island is far less implausible than the Hood hiring that military plane in the first season. Fairly easy for him to get on and off when he intentionally wanted to go there. Just one of the group taking a satellite phone would allow them to contact the mainland and that's if Ollie just didn't take his own boat as mentioned and have it nearby.

A lot of CWness in the first episode (especially with the now super-glam Laurel) but that was offset by plenty of genuinely cool and fun superhero vigilante moments. Slick stuff even when the show is implausible. The score and visuals help a lot in transferring the same sense of cinematic flare that Nolan Batman had to the small screen and the ending to this week with the morale-boosting speech building to the shot of the arrow and cut to title card was a neat way to restart the season. It made me grin anyway. biggrin.gif

Also good to see the producers ditched Felicity's forced adorkability nerd stereotype and just made her a hot girl who works with computers and doesn't start dribbling and stammering whenever a guy smiles at her. Ollie's island fright wig seems to have got an upgrade too.

With this back on the air it makes me wish that the producers of SHIELD had contacted CW and the guys who make Arrow. By comparison SHIELD seems extra flat and visually bland and lacking in even a tiny bit of coolness that Arrow has.
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