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lonwolf615's Avatar lonwolf615 10:27 AM 07-02-2012
I'm a sucker for british tv and this is the perfect example why. A 4 part drama detailing a huge heist of a cash counting company, it might be too detached and understated for some, but its almost clinical approach to the events leading up and following the robbery totally sucked me in. And the acting is impressive. I am puzzled by one thing. The crime itself seems to be based on the Kent Securities robbery of 2006, the largest cash robbery in british history, but there is no mention of that either in the advertising or reviews of the show I've been able to find. Legal reasons, perhaps? Anyways its on wed, nights, part of the dramaville series.

gpflepsen's Avatar gpflepsen 06:30 PM 07-02-2012
I'm not seeing it in the guide on Dish for the next week and a half...
Garrett Adams's Avatar Garrett Adams 06:51 PM 07-02-2012

I've watched the first two episodes. It's good TV. My Comcast BBCA channel was upgraded to HD on the 26th, now all the ducks are lined up in a row.


BTW, Season One of Twenty Twelve is proving to be a great comedy. The team is led by Hugh Bonneville, the Lord of Downton Abbey.

lonwolf615's Avatar lonwolf615 09:38 AM 07-04-2012
Originally Posted by gpflepsen View Post

I'm not seeing it in the guide on Dish for the next week and a half...

They had promos during ep.2 saying it returns July 11th. Apparently they are not showing it this week due to the holiday...which is kinda weird when you think about it:) Wouldn't think the 4th would be a day the british would be too crazy about.
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