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Geoff Butler's Avatar Geoff Butler 04:32 PM 08-19-2012
Greetings from Heinz Field!

lovethe5.1's Avatar lovethe5.1 05:07 PM 08-19-2012
I hope SNFmixer is back!
SNF Mixer's Avatar SNF Mixer 05:07 PM 08-19-2012
I am ready for some football, to paraphrase a neighbor's slogan.
cgmv123's Avatar cgmv123 05:40 PM 08-19-2012
Is it really Dan Hicks instead of Al Michaels tonight?
SNF Mixer's Avatar SNF Mixer 05:50 PM 08-19-2012
Yes. Al is getting a break after his stint at the Olympics. He'll be with us next week in NY.
skyehill's Avatar skyehill 06:25 PM 08-19-2012
Is this live or days old?

icemannyr's Avatar icemannyr 07:07 PM 08-19-2012
WNBC-DT NYC (1 SD sub channel) FiOS

Main field cam is very edge enhanced.
Any camera movement causes motion artifacts and grainy video.

The dark area is still under the score box.
It's really not need and causes extra digital compression to the video under it.
Any chance it might be removed after pre-season?
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