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rviele's Avatar rviele 06:32 PM 12-12-2012
what other channels is the concert on? and is the concert available in DD5.1 rather than ol stereo?

jjeff's Avatar jjeff 06:39 PM 12-12-2012
Only 2.0 on my local 720p Ion channel and SD LWN sub channel.
On post #3 of that thread I gave a link to the various channels carrying the concert.
rviele's Avatar rviele 07:06 PM 12-12-2012
in case anybody is interested the concert is in DD5.1 on the wealth channel. for FIOS people that is channel 669
taxman48's Avatar taxman48 07:20 PM 12-12-2012
there is a thread on Movies Concert forum, maybe the Mods could combine the threads? Watching it on MSG-HD, great concert so far..
dm145's Avatar dm145 07:25 PM 12-12-2012
fuse hd is coming 5.1
why aren't they all ?
rviele's Avatar rviele 08:49 PM 12-12-2012
in all my 65 years i don't think i've ever seen a concert this good. FWIW wealth has the best picture and sound. and last but not least if you went to a pink floyd concert and were strait there was something wrong.
-sweetness-'s Avatar -sweetness- 09:01 PM 12-12-2012
Well, Pete just dropped the F-bomb.
HD-Master's Avatar HD-Master 09:38 PM 12-12-2012
Kayne was just horrible. Beyond bad.
dm145's Avatar dm145 10:10 PM 12-12-2012
Originally Posted by HD-Master View Post

Kayne was just horrible. Beyond bad.

luckily I was able to ff that crap
icemannyr's Avatar icemannyr 10:33 PM 12-12-2012
iON turned the concert off at 12:30am for a WWE show. Embarrassing.
DrLar's Avatar DrLar 09:03 AM 12-13-2012
Did Adamn Sandler had to be so nasty? what bad taste IMO..
HD-Master's Avatar HD-Master 09:32 AM 12-13-2012
I thought Adam was great!
DrLar's Avatar DrLar 11:08 AM 12-13-2012
Maybe but I got a network TV feed that, I think was delayed enough to censor most of his stuff, did the images he shown really censorable?
jandron's Avatar jandron 11:28 AM 12-13-2012
Watched it on HBO. All 6 hours of it, gloriously uncensored. Thank goodness for Kanye's set, or I wouldn't have had time to clean up the kitchen!

The 5.1 sound on HBO was quite good (except for the aforementioned Mr. West.) For me, the standouts sound-wise were Clapton, Billy Joel and McCartney.
Lyons07's Avatar Lyons07 05:02 PM 12-13-2012
Is there a link to watch the concert today? My DVR didn't record it. Can I watch it online somewhere?
dmking12370's Avatar dmking12370 05:37 PM 12-13-2012
Originally Posted by Lyons07 View Post

Is there a link to watch the concert today? My DVR didn't record it. Can I watch it online somewhere?

If you have AXS-TV they are showing an encore of the concert right now (started at 7PM) This is the fourth time repeating the concert, so there likely will be more repeats.
Lyons07's Avatar Lyons07 05:51 PM 12-13-2012
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