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leebo's Avatar leebo 05:45 PM 04-27-2013
I suppose this has been asked plenty of times, but a search of this forum produced nothing.

I'm a caretaker for my elderly mom and (developmentally disabled) sister. I would like to drastically cut back on cable programming. Pretty much everything my mom or I watch we can get from Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, or directly from each cable channels web site.

However, 85% of what my sister watches is from the Disney channel. Hulu has nothing, and Netflix only has a few Disney shows, and nothing from current seasons. Amazon has many current shows available for $1.99 each, which would still be a lot cheaper than expanded cable, but no Disney shows.

Are there any reliable sources for shows like Austin and Ally, Shake it up, etc.?

Actually, I guess Amazon does carry most of these shows. At $1.99 per episode, I'm not sure it would be cheaper than extended basic cable. Thats about $52 a season for standard def. I think she watches 5 or 6 shows regularly.

leebo's Avatar leebo 12:47 PM 05-13-2013
In case anyone is interested, since my original post, Netflix has started streaming several Disney shows. iTunes is another source, but I don't trust their DRM.

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Nayan's Avatar Nayan 01:33 PM 05-13-2013
Disney signed an exclusive deal with Netflix and they are slowly adding content but I don't see the shows you mentioned either on streaming or on disc. If your sister watches that many shows on Disney it might be best to keep cable for now and when Netflix adds the full library then check to see if it's worth cutting the cord or not.
leebo's Avatar leebo 02:53 PM 05-13-2013
Thanks. I had read about the Disney deal, but I thought it wouldn't be until 2015 before content started to show up.
jjeff's Avatar jjeff 03:46 PM 05-13-2013
Disney shows are the main reason my daughter just went with Netflix over what I had suggested for her for streaming, Amazon Prime smile.gif Amazon Prime has more shows I'd probably care about(BBC in particular) but she could care less about biggrin.gif
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