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While the broadcast aspect ratio is determine by the content providers to DirecTV, I would like to find a way -- through the guide, through the content providers' website or through some other website or app -- to be able to determine in advance which 2.35:1 films' upcoming broadcasts on DirecTV will be in 2.35:1, i.e. in the original aspect ratio (OAR).

Has anyone found a way to do this?
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I don't know of any convenient way to find out. I have a 2.35 screen, so I'm always looking for good movies to watch in the theater. I typically add them to my DVR from PPV or the movie channels (forget HBO) and then have to screen the beginning of the movie to find out. Any PPV not in 2.35 gets deleted.

If there were an up to date listing somewhere, I'd also love to know.
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Showtime is OAR, as is HDNet Movies.
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As Bradman mentioned Showtime, HD Net Movies, and I believe Sony Movie Channel , Encore/Starz tend to respect OAR if they have access to an HD print that uses it (sometimes they can only get cropped or Pan & Scan copies).

HBO and Cinemax prefer to crop everything to 16:9. According to an article I read a while back though if a filmmaker/studio fights them hard enough about it they will relent and show it in OAR. For the most part though I wouldn't plan on seeing much in OAR on those channels.

I haven't used it a lot, but I believe most PPV stuff on DirecTV respects OAR as well.

As far as something that you could search for and use to set up recordings I doubt it. Tribune who does the guide listings has a bad enough time doing what they do now, I could only imagine how bad they would screw stuff up if they tried listing aspect ratios for the movies.
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I've found that nearly all Paramount movies tend to be OAR--even on HBO/Cinemax.
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