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Originally Posted by thedeskE View Post

Good stuff - In the day, it would go right past 70% or more of the viewers and be gone.

Not exactly. I remember watching a live Bob Hope show in that same era in which Hope finagled Jane Mansfield or some such bombshell to put her hand in his pant's pocket at which time she uttered, "I feel crazy doing this," at which time Hope responds, "Reach a little further and you'll feel nuts." I distinctly remember my father and mother nearly choking trying to hold back the guffaws in front of their child.


"Without music, life would be a mistake." - Friedrich Nietzsche
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Originally Posted by Distorted View Post

Doesn't even scratch in comparison to Dizzy Dean doing baseball game of the week on live TV in the fifties. As a kid, I was watching and the camera kept going back to a couple heavily smooching in the bleachers. Finally Dizzy commented to his partner, Buddy Blatner, that he had it figured out, "He kisses her on the strikes, and she kisses him on the balls." The comment was followed by a long silence from Dean and Blatner with uproarious laughter heard from the crew in the background.

Now that's sports commentary.
One of the funniest sports stories ever. My dad talked about that literally dozens of times, and it was years later before I finally "got it." redface.gif
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Damn, I thought I was getting old. I've got nothing on y'all when all I can say is that I go back to Cosell in the 70's. tongue.gif
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Originally Posted by slowbiscuit View Post

Damn, I thought I was getting old. I've got nothing on y'all when all I can say is that I go back to Cosell in the 70's. tongue.gif

Whippersnapper! smile.gif
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The monday night football intro that plays before each game this season features the classic MNF logo with ABC bug in flashes before the ESPN logo. Had ABC kept running Monday Night Football after their final nfl game with the super bowl, the quality of the feed would look horrible. Thankfully ESPN took over and improved on the camera work to make it fluid and make the surround sound exciting. I hate it on ESPN because on fios some local ads often interrupt a few seconds of an opening drive.
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They got a good game this coming Monday - Patriots/Panthers. A rarity this season.
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The late era with Hank! - This is too funny. I had no idea this happened not long before he made the mistake of mixing Jack Daniels with daytime TV and a million rednecks likely did toss beers at their TVs the following Monday Night wink.gif

ESPN and NFL officials are beginning to regret asking Hank Williams III to pen and perform a new theme song for the stalwart Monday Night Football franchise. After deeming his first attempt “vulgar,” “loud,” “inappropriate” and “out of tune,” MNF producers have asked Williams for a rewrite.

“For the 2010-11 season, we wanted to reach a younger audience with a more rocking and contemporary theme song. Who better than the son of Bocephus, whose song ‘Are You Ready for Some Football?’ we’ve used for years?” asked MNF’s Jay Rothman. “The song Shelton turned in certainly brought the rock and, for the most part, a more current sound, but was not at all right for our product.”

The first demo of Hank’s “Monday Night M***********g Football” includes 21 profanities, 3 drug references, one line taken verbatim from the Satanic bible, and some disturbingly violent imagery. It starts out as a straight country song, reminiscent of something Williams’ legendary grandfather might have done, before plowing headlong into a rambling punk/thrash metal amalgam complete with Cookie Monster vocals.

“We did some editing on the track to see if there was anything usable,” said Rothman, “and we did glean 20 seconds without cursing, but it was a verse about drinking whiskey and shooting the television with an ol’ shotgun if your team loses. We just can’t put that message out there.”

Hank has promised to tame it down, but is unrepentant about the first cut. “I just wanted to kick their ass man,” said III. “Sh*t, the people want their teeth knocked down their throats with some hellbilly music before they watch their team beat the g*****n m***********g sh*t out of those other b*tches!”
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Originally Posted by humdinger70 View Post

They got a good game this coming Monday - Patriots/Panthers. A rarity this season.

I pity the Pats!

Wow - I haven't been able to talk any trash for my team in years.

[Duvall] Feels like..... victory! [/Duvall] tongue.gif
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