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mgkdragn's Avatar mgkdragn 09:04 AM 05-23-2014
Well, Hitler swayed and entire country, so I suppose Spencer and his sales pitch could have swayed some jury folks .. I tend to think not .. they had made their choice by the time they got to Final .. the jury has more than ample time to cuss and discuss / work out their issues, etc prior to the Vote .. much like a jury in real life ..

WS65711's Avatar WS65711 09:38 AM 05-23-2014
Super smart and brainy . . .
mgkdragn's Avatar mgkdragn 09:47 AM 05-23-2014
I don't think Asians are any smarter than anyone else .. they just tend to work at it harder and have parents that push them hard ..

As opposed to the "Let's Give Everyone a Trophy Even if They Did Not Earn It" philosophy .. wink.gif

From what I understand, Woo is of South Korean lineage ..

And, he also was on a TV show a couple years ago ..

Probst Thoughts .. and apparently the "Rites of Passage Ritual" is gone for good ..
djb5f's Avatar djb5f 10:11 AM 05-23-2014
I am in the minority but I liked the Rites of passage segment, often you'd get a nugget or interesting commentary on a fallen warrior that gives you a little extra insight of what a finalist thought of them. I preferred it to the pre-Reunion Reunion segments and interviews with kids, injured military, etc, that is for sure. They do enough of that at the Reunion, don't fill up the final episode with that.

Yeah, interesting that starting with only 18 contestants and having Lindsey quit (she wasn't even invited to the Reunion I imagine) forced their hand. It was solely a numbers thing.
WaTaGuMp's Avatar WaTaGuMp 10:40 AM 05-23-2014
Originally Posted by WS65711 View Post

Super smart and brainy . . .

Makes up for their driving skills. biggrin.gif
Foxy7's Avatar Foxy7 10:49 AM 05-23-2014
I think Woo brought his A game to final tribal. While Tony who was not terrible came off as defensive and apologetic at tribal. I think Woo made a credible case for people who were looking to vote against Tony rather then for Woo. While Woo was no where near the player that Spencer or Tony was during this season. He has a better Survivor "resume" then some Survivor winners I can think of like Sandra (both seasons), Amber, Natalie and Tina.Woo did win two individual immunitys including the most important final immunity, he was in with Tony on two of the blindsides and according to Tony it was Woo who wanted to vote out Trish. He also took Tony to the end instead of the obvious goat Kass. So the jury voting for Woo might not have been as difficult as some think. I think that's why Spencer stepped in to trash Woo and plead Tony's case. There's a video at youtube of Spencer saying how important it is to him that the right person win this season of Survivor and that person according to Spencer is definently not Woo.
Lord_Zath's Avatar Lord_Zath 11:13 AM 05-23-2014
Yes, there's a stereotype that Asians are very smart. But we're talking booksmarts, not streetsmarts. Woo seemed to be intelligent enough, but when it came to him playing the game, he couldn't figure out how to upset people and win.
33idolfinder's Avatar 33idolfinder 02:18 PM 05-23-2014
Originally Posted by WS65711 View Post

IF the puzzle that you depict is "unsolvable" it's only because the pieces were NEVER in the 'solved' position at the outset.

That is my point. Rsambuca has a good theory.

Originally Posted by dan4081 View Post

Its not just Jeff and a group of survivors dropped on the island.
There are cameramen, the people who work on the set, the people who set up and help with the challenge...nobody is ever 'left alone'...

It’s not important. I think Rsambuca is right.

Originally Posted by R11 View Post


It is quite ironic to see you saying the people who replied should calm down when it was your hysterical post proclaiming, "This is HUGE!! Final 4 are not valid!! Major legal issues immerge!!", that prompted the whole back and forth...   Does this mean you are finally done with your witch hunt then?  biggrin.gif

WOW, repeating over and over my mistake. For what I apologized repeatedly more than 3 times. Yes, when someone says something I listen, I think, and if he is right I have the courage to admit it. What about you?

I overreacted, my bad. My point stands. And the answer is probably what Rsambuca said.
It doesn’t hurt the integrity of the show. It doesn’t mean it is rigged.

Originally Posted by WilliamR View Post

The rules to your formula are stupid. It is a blank spot, you can put it ANYWHERE on the board. Slide the one tile down that is above it in your picture and it is now in a different row, now slide the next to it over and it is in the new row and a new column, if there is an open tile, you can put it anywhere on the board so why have rules for the formula? Stupid.

If you move the blank spot, don’t you have to move a tile also? Remember, the tiles are numbered. Then you have to recalculate the formula. As long as you don’t make “illegal” moves, the result of the formula will remain the same. Think about it.

It’s good to know that the reason you can’t solve a puzzle is not because you are stupid! smile.gif
33idolfinder's Avatar 33idolfinder 02:27 PM 05-23-2014
I guess Woo could have asked a little kid what to do! tongue.gif

Now he can continue stealing things with integrity.

I really hope they won’t permit stealing clues next season.

Blood vs Water 2! Let’s see if they finally understand its strategy this time!
jimbology's Avatar jimbology 07:15 PM 05-23-2014
Really enjoyed this season and loved the F2, even though there was a chance it could have been the Kass/Woo nightmare. I haven't seen any exit interviews or day after videos so it is hard to judge how much Tony took advantage of Woo's mindset and how much it was Woo just blundering. It reminded me a little of Tom talking a younger man In into quitting the F3 challenge in Palau. Experience over youth. Personally I don't think Spencers speech did much to sway the jury. He was the audience surrogate there. At any rate one of the best ever and I'm sure we'll see at least three of these players again.
fhall1's Avatar fhall1 03:13 AM 05-25-2014
No $100,000 fan favorite this season or did I miss the announcement during one of my DVR FF?
mylan's Avatar mylan 07:52 AM 05-25-2014
Originally Posted by fhall1 View Post

No $100,000 fan favorite this season or did I miss the announcement during one of my DVR FF?

No it wasn't there this season. I wonder if Sprint pulled their sponsorship because usually they get messages from home on a Sprint phone and they are the ones that sponsor the fan favorite. Spencer would have been a lock to have gotten that.
Kascnef82's Avatar Kascnef82 12:40 PM 05-25-2014
i'm getting sick of survivor
WaTaGuMp's Avatar WaTaGuMp 12:51 PM 05-25-2014
Originally Posted by Kascnef82 View Post

i'm getting sick of survivor

Good thing those Real Housewives shows are still on. biggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gif
Pete-N2's Avatar Pete-N2 01:40 PM 05-25-2014
Originally Posted by Kascnef82 View Post

i'm getting sick of survivor

Then leave biggrin.gif
John dhein's Avatar John dhein 06:03 PM 05-25-2014
mgkdragn's Avatar mgkdragn 11:10 AM 06-06-2014
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