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cwood's Avatar cwood 11:16 AM 02-14-2001
Originally posted by GCocks:
Where can I find listings for ExpressVU's network listings for HDTV programming of US networks? I just want to see what is on and when before I drop another $1000 on more equipment that might end up in my storage room. Thanks!!!

I'm not sure if the ExpressVU web site carries the HD schedule but essentially it is this:

The majority of evening program is CBS HD from WBZ in Boston, periodically preempted for ABC's NYPD Blue on Tuesday night and occasional ABC Movies. No NBC or PBS yet as neither of their Boston affiliates are on the air with real HD.

Email me directly if you'd like a highly recommended dealer in Canada that can handle the equipment sale and authorization.

zarlor's Avatar zarlor 01:59 PM 02-14-2001
Check here to wee what programs are on:

As mentioned you can pretty much assume they will show CBS, except for NYPD Blue on Tuesday and the occasional ABC movie. On very rare occasion they might show something coming off of the FOX affiliate in Boston as well, but usually only if it is something special. (For example I think Fox will be showing "Star Wars: Episode 1" in 480p widescreen and that MIGHT pre-empt any other programming normally shown.)

Lenny Zimmermann
Al K's Avatar Al K 02:07 PM 02-14-2001

This is the ExpressVu HDTV website info. Not much, but better than nothing.

asunc's Avatar asunc 03:43 PM 02-14-2001
...also, it should be easy to get the equipment for significantly less than $1000 (more like $650 -700).

GCocks's Avatar GCocks 04:40 PM 02-14-2001
Can someone point me in a direction to get it at that price. Someone PM'ed me, but the system is $1000 with a Dish. I feel that is a little high for the price one one and a half channels of television. Thanks guys!!!

"Success is the greatest revenge."
Al K's Avatar Al K 04:59 PM 02-14-2001
The prices are in Canadian dollars. US prices are roughly 65% of the Canadian prices. Same with the programming. You would probably be better off to buy the dish and LNB in the States and just order the receiver. All of the hardware is identical to Dish Network and is readily available.
DP1's Avatar DP1 05:00 PM 02-14-2001
Al's right. And to your comment about it being one and a half channels, that may be true. But I'll promise you that I've watched more of my Evu 6000 in the 4 or 5 months that I've had it than I have my Dish 6000 over that period.


Knowledge without experience is only information...

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GCocks's Avatar GCocks 10:33 PM 02-14-2001
Where can I find listings for ExpressVU's network listings for HDTV programming of US networks? I just want to see what is on and when before I drop another $1000 on more equipment that might end up in my storage room. Thanks!!!

"Success is the greatest revenge."
asunc's Avatar asunc 05:35 AM 02-15-2001
Regarding 1 and 1/2 channels -

I currently have the "works" package due to a rebate offer and tend to watch their non-hd movies a lot more than I do cable. They have a movie channel or two that they call SuperDefinition which blows away my cable reception. They show the same movies as HBO, Showtime, etc. (even Sopranos). Plus, you can watch both the East and West coast US networks. Still, I wouldn't be using it if I didn't need HD networks!

I have Dish for 61.5 but can't get the other sat with non-hd programming, so I can't compare quality there.
John_D's Avatar John_D 07:48 AM 02-16-2001
You can get the ExpressVU 6000 receiver from for $725 CDN which is about $470 US. I wish I would have done that, I bought the 2700 just to get started and see if I would like the service. Well I do, I actually watch it more than my DirecTV system. I'm going to upgrade in a few months since I just upgraded my DTC-100 to the Mitsubishi SR-HD5
and would feel guilty about spending the money on the 6000 right now.

I don't want to start a DISH vs. DirecTV thread, but I am very unimpressed with the DISH hardware (they of course make the ExpressVU receivers.) The 2700 is light years behind any DirecTV receiver. I also think the picture quality is better on DirecTV than it is on ExpressVU and since it is reported that Bell is using less compression than DISH, I would just assume that the tweaked MPEG-1 signal from DirecTV is sharper and clearer than the MPEG-2 technology from DISH.

The channel selection on ExpressVU is very good and it is refreshing to get a more international slant on news and programming. I'm eager to get the 6000 in a few months and check out the HD offerings.

If you are thinking about getting it, you will probably like the service and you should go right for the 6000 at that price.
Ron Tobin's Avatar Ron Tobin 09:13 AM 02-16-2001
I'm not sure if the quoted price for Kusat includes their "fees" for providing a Canadian address to ExpressVu. Also, it's unclear whether they'll ship into the U.S. I just purchased a system from another dealer based upon an internet recommendation. Email me directly if you want more information.
John_D's Avatar John_D 09:48 AM 02-16-2001
KuSat is not an Address Broker so you have to go through someone else like Freeway, they do ship to the US.
GCocks's Avatar GCocks 08:40 PM 02-16-2001
You guys are WONDERFUL!!!! You just saved me mega bucks!! How do I go about setting up an account with freeway? Thanks again for the help guys.

"Success is the greatest revenge."
Dave Harper's Avatar Dave Harper 11:53 PM 02-16-2001

Once you get your equipment from the dealer and you're all set-up receiving a signal from the EVu satellite, just give them a call with your receiver's particulars (serial #, etc.) and they'll activate your account and explain everything. Very easy process, IMHO!!!

Dave Harper
Harper Home Theater Systems
jacmyoung's Avatar jacmyoung 04:55 AM 02-17-2001
I just want to put my two cents for what is worth. I am in the process of setting up this service myself, and appreciate the information folks here provide. However I would caution anyone who is interested in this type of services not to advertise them everywhere in the interest of the users who benefit from them. Like all things in this business, any providers can be under pressure to shut down certain operations, whether it's HD recording, or anything else.

I would encourage folks exchange info using private mail if all possible. I believe this is in the best interest of us.
royrose's Avatar royrose 12:32 PM 02-17-2001
I would love to see a separate expressvu forum like the 4DTV forum on Delphi. It has general info sections and an owner's only section. Anyone can set up a forum on Delphi. Unfortunately, I don't have the time and not qquite the motivation to set it up. Anybody else interested?

Art Lloyd's Avatar Art Lloyd 01:18 PM 02-17-2001


Please let me know about this Directv Mpeg-1 business. I thought that Directv had changed over to MPEG-2 years ago. What is the deal with "tweaked MPEG-1." thanks, Art
John_D's Avatar John_D 01:34 PM 02-17-2001

One of the admins over on claims that DirecTV is still using MPEG-1. That particular admin seems extremely knowledgeable, perhaps I shouldn't repeat something as fact but this guys seems to know his stuff.
Don Landis's Avatar Don Landis 04:19 PM 02-17-2001
Just because someone is assertive doesn't make him an authority or an historian on the subject:

Although all set-top boxes, technically known as Integrated Receiver-Decoders or IRDs, include full MPEG2 decoding hardware, until the fall of 1995, the actual signals transmitted were in the older MPEG1+ format, but using the MPEG2 syntax. The IRDs are backward compatible with MPEG1, which is for practical purposes, a subset of MPEG2. IRDs automatically operated with full MPEG2 compatibility without any change required, as the MPEG2 encoders were gradually put on-line during the late summer of 1995.

source: Halhed Enterprises, Inc. publication from:

The HEI Library
Video Compression for Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS) and Broadcasting

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