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Dave McRoy 06-07-2001 05:42 AM

I still have to use the RCA DTC100 to view this station and get sound. They have been silent on the Zenith IQB64W10W internal tuner for a couple of weeks now.



LSulyok 06-07-2001 08:45 AM

On a related issue, I too own a Zenith IQB64W10W and cannot receive WKBD-DT out of Detroit with a sound track. Sounds like a PSIP problem at the broadcast site. Maybe we should contact the station engineers and let them know the problem.

rodmanbra 06-07-2001 10:49 AM

I have had no problems with FOX on 4 different STBS. I certainly hope you do not call WSVN since what is good for your is stress for me. Btw, here is the possisble future phone call....

dave: "Hello, i am having problems with your DT station"

WSVN: "What DT station? Do you have a news story on this DT station?"

d "No, i am refering to your digital channel 8.1"

w "I have no idea what you are talking about. I will transfer you"

5 minutes later

w (recorded message) "Welcome to Deco Drive. The best show on TV....If you have a weird story for our zany tabliod leave message after the funny music."

d "Grr!" Slams phone...quick redial

d "Hi, can you please trasfer me to engineering"

w "This is the newsplex. Do you have any story for us?"

d "NOO! Please transfer me."

w "Ok and thanks for calling Sunbeam."

More time goes by...

w "Hello senior, how can me help you."

d "Are u engineering?"

w "si...me <u>domestic</u> engineEAR!!"

d sigh "Sorry can you please tranfer me to Fox's engineering dept??"

w "yes,si...right away"

More time flies by!

WSVN chief engineer "How can i help you"

d "I am having problems with sound on your digital channel"

CE "Ahhh. You are one of our three viewers. Rodmanbra, MMBurke and you are?

d "Dave 480i McRoy"

CE "Good one sir! If you plan on complaining about our 480i only DT ways, take a number! We have no plans for 480p pass thru. Besides it isn't HDTV either"

d "why so rude. Btw, i am a fellow broadcaster friend"

CE " Sorry but time is $$$. Are you a FOX employee?"

d "No i am with freedom communications."

CE "Never heard of them!"

d "WPEC, CBS! Actually i am having audio problems!"

CE "We give no special treatment to any viewer. Infact, you are probably not in our DNA(DMA)."

d "That is no reason not to help. Btw, i am helping you by providing feedback. Once again my Zenith tuner will not accept audio from your channel."

CE "We never tested with zenith tuner. We use DTC-100 for quality control. Why not just use this?"

d "I have a DTC-100.Your channel should work on 5k Zenith too!"

CE "I have a perfect solution for you. Use the DTC-100! Thanks for calling. We are "just one station".

Ken Ross 06-07-2001 09:05 PM

It appears that PSIP is usually the cause for these sporadic audio issues with the Zenith. We had the same problem here in N.Y. some time ago. CBS here was very responsive to the problem and fixed it in short order. I would definitely contact the station's engineering department.

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