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Frank's Avatar Frank 06:37 PM 09-09-2001
This show is coming on in less then 30 minutes.

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rudolpht's Avatar rudolpht 07:05 PM 09-09-2001
And it's 5.1
Savageone79's Avatar Savageone79 07:09 PM 09-09-2001
WOW! am watching it now and I have to say it't one of the best looking HD shows I have ever seen. I could almost believe i had a movie screen in my home. Great job HBO!
Frank's Avatar Frank 07:16 PM 09-09-2001
Looks like 480P to me.

I know......You knew I was going to say that.

YoYo's Avatar YoYo 07:20 PM 09-09-2001
I'm impressed! Really looks fabulous!
DD's all good

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Frank's Avatar Frank 07:52 PM 09-09-2001
Looks like while they were bleaching out the color they got carried away and bleached out the resolution too.....

jdiehl's Avatar jdiehl 08:15 PM 09-09-2001
Colorless, grainy and it not sharp at all.

Looks more like a DVD than HDTV.

Pericles's Avatar Pericles 08:17 PM 09-09-2001

Dammit!! This is my luck!! I am recording the thing and the signals goes out. Massive storm in the area!
JeremyJ's Avatar JeremyJ 08:34 PM 09-09-2001

I don't think it's your storm. It just went out on me too. I think it's an HBO problem. All the other HD channels come in okay.


Guess I'll have to finish my recording Tuesday.

FWIW, I think it looks fabulous. Especially the opening credit animation. WOW! 10X better than X-men last night.


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wezar's Avatar wezar 08:56 PM 09-09-2001
No breaks in the invasion at my place. Interesting the way the color runs from some to black and white. This is winner in my book.

rudolpht's Avatar rudolpht 09:06 PM 09-09-2001
Originally posted by Frank:
Looks like 480P to me.

Looks like the SPR posterization effect, i.e. intentional. In some well lit scenes it almost looks like you see much better resolution popping through.


FrankS's Avatar FrankS 09:07 PM 09-09-2001
I knew as soon as I saw the filtering and graining that was Purposelly done that there would be a ton of complaints! It's just like SPR to give the effect of a news reel account!

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Scott Gammans's Avatar Scott Gammans 09:09 PM 09-09-2001
Stunning. Wow. The SFX of the airborne drop over Normandy were frighteningly good. The Dolby Digital 5.1 sound was three dimensional and utterly realistic--I actually felt the bullets whizzing around in front and behind me during the gun capture sequence.

This is why we spend thousands of dollars on our video equipment. Way to go, HBO.

Scott Gammans
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Man E's Avatar Man E 09:11 PM 09-09-2001
There were no dropouts on the DCII uplink from HBO. Very interesting presentation that honors so many who gave so much for all of us. Thanks to all vets, especially those here at the forum!

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davez's Avatar davez 09:13 PM 09-09-2001
Is it just me, or is anyone else annoyed with the "shakey cam" filming technique? It's dizzying and overused.
Big Picture's Avatar Big Picture 09:14 PM 09-09-2001
Thank you HBO, made my day!!!!!
cwood's Avatar cwood 09:14 PM 09-09-2001
Originally posted by jdiehl:
Colorless, grainy and it not sharp at all.

Looks more like a DVD than HDTV.

Ditto. Good performances but disappointing aesthetic decision on the part of the producers to go with a washed-out look reminescent of 1940s faded color film.

mikewylde's Avatar mikewylde 09:16 PM 09-09-2001
The 5.1 sound was most excellent and although the 'SPR' effects seem to diminish the fact that the resolution was HD, I can honestly say that I can appreciate why they used the effect, and to ME it adds to the film, the story and the presentation ... I was thouroughly entertained will be tuning in again every weekend to see this one through to the end. Great job HBO!

ADebar's Avatar ADebar 09:21 PM 09-09-2001
some of you claim to be movie lovers but you dont know the first thing about presenting a story. you come on here complaining about 480p or whatever the hell you always say. it looked great, excuse me AWESOME. not to mention the story was fabulous. get a life losers. learn to enjoy a story. this hobby has been taken extremely too far by so many people on here that is sickens me. ENJOY YOUR SET FOR ONCE! PLEASE!

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tpgaffney's Avatar tpgaffney 09:22 PM 09-09-2001
My signal strength dropped on 119 just tonight (no storm?); had 1 sec. blackouts every minute or so. I had to watch the enlarged letterbox on 501. Still looked good, so I’m not freaking too much. I’, OK with the look and feel of the production.
jagouar's Avatar jagouar 09:22 PM 09-09-2001
I know this is the wrong forum but I am going to replay anyways... I only have regular Dish and was very superised in the quality of the presentation.... It looked DVD quality over regular Dish. Its a shame too because I have a RCA 38" widescreen but I live too far away to get anyprogramming OTA and its not worth the price for just HBO HD... but anyways I loved the show and the effects. Cant wait till next week
Scarpad's Avatar Scarpad 09:23 PM 09-09-2001
Yep BoB was excellent. The Video and 5.1 in Hi Def was astounding. That's why it was even more painful to look at the Dolphins/Titans game afterward. Standard Direct TV is such Crap.
Hoonose's Avatar Hoonose 09:25 PM 09-09-2001
A winner, winner, winner!
I had no pauses, or breakups, with the program.
Sound and ambience just awesome.
Could you believe that first shell going overhead, left to right? Felt it.
Right in, or over my freeking house!
I really felt like I was there, and I loved the close in camera work and washed out look. That jittery camera was more effective here, than in Gladiator, I thought.
I found this to be a very realistic and engrossing show.
And, I'm already looking forward to the next episodes.
tombarry's Avatar tombarry 09:35 PM 09-09-2001
I had to go to a friends house to watch it. ADebar your are right on! The content transcends the delivery vehicle.

jdiehl's Avatar jdiehl 09:35 PM 09-09-2001
Originally posted by ADebar:
some of you claim to be movie lovers but you dont know the first thing about presenting a story. you come on here complaining about 480p or whatever the hell you always say. it looked great, excuse me AWESOME. not to mention the story was fabulous. get a life losers. learn to enjoy a story. this hobby has been taken extremely too far by so many people on here that is sickens me. ENJOY YOUR SET FOR ONCE! PLEASE!

No one mentioned that they DIDN'T like the story. I enjoyed the show very much. Most of us are just posting comments, not real complaints, about the presentation and use of grain and color (or lack of it). Not even nitpicking, just saying that it lacks the 1080i "feel" and depth of field. You might not notice it as much on a 46" screen, but on the big screen RPTV's it's very apparent. If you think this hobby is being taken to seriously by some people, maybe you should look for another forum. Rather than call us "losers" for making objective comment's on the film and HBO's presentation, why not post something which actually adds to the discussion? ie. I got so wrapped up in the story that I was able to look past the average (by most standards) picture.

DarthSimon's Avatar DarthSimon 09:40 PM 09-09-2001
This presentation was made to look very film like and grainy...... It at times had the same stylized camera work as SPR.... I thought the Cinematography was brilliant!!!

Steve Simon
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donsil's Avatar donsil 09:41 PM 09-09-2001
Absolutely a great story, excellent video and audio. Best use of HDTV DD 5:1 that I can recall, to date. And, zero video or audio drop-outs.

I sure hope that everyone realizes that the video is hi-def, but it has gone through the same World War IIish special effect treatment as Saving Private Ryan.

Thank you HBO and Dish.

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bairda's Avatar bairda 09:45 PM 09-09-2001
Looked great! The battlefield cinematography is meant to simulate the field, film correspondent "workhorse" or WWII, the wind-up 16mm Bell & Howell camera. I actually used a very similar camera in film school in my basic 16 class. It has three lenses that you rotate on a turret for different focal lengths. Meant to be held in one hand, it is compact and extremely durable. It almost looks like it is machined out of a single piece of steel.

The film they used in the 40's for the field coverage was extremely slow by today's standards. Grain, and strobe were pretty much par for the course. Color was almost non-existent. The color that was there was primitive with a muted sepia dominating.

On top of that with a pretty elemental motor on the camera with varying film transport speeds, footage was pretty rough. Finally, remember the correspondents taking the footage on the battlefield were as much in harms way as the guys fighting. These guys had the added disadvantage of trying to load a camera ( in less than ideal conditions), frame a shot, and avoid being killed while looking through a tiny viewfinder. Shaky camera, footage of their feet, the sky, and blackness were just part of the typical documentary.

I think that the directors accentuate the above technical shortcomings to further stress the chaos of the situation and the myopia of an individual soldier under fire. I think it successfully transports you into the proper vision of WWII, just as "Private Ryan" did.

Just my opinion!
jdiehl's Avatar jdiehl 09:45 PM 09-09-2001
Yeah, I think everyone knows that the film presentation was intentional. The only problem is that the resolution looked no better than Saving Private Ryan on DVD. Maybe they just over-did it a bit and lost some of the detail. I dunno.

The story and sound were top notch. Bravo HBO for another excellent series to keep me glued to the tube on Sunday night.

DarthSimon's Avatar DarthSimon 09:49 PM 09-09-2001

I watched this show in 1080I (46 Mistu 46805 WS)....

There were a few grainy scenes, but on the whole, the pic looked sharper than the SPR DVD....

Steve Simon
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