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Originally Posted by BoilerJim View Post

Picky, picky, picky (as Gomer would say). I thought it was a good final episode that wrapped up the "hanging chads" into a neat little ball. And, Brenda's purple top?? Seriously?? You either have a bad TV, bad service, or both. TNT looked fine on my screen.

Yes it's my TV. Years on this forum and watching thousands of hours of television and I still can't figure out if there's something wrong with the television. Even though I've mentioned the TNT feed breaking up previously in this thread. rolleyes.gif

Note the use of the word "here" indicating I know the problem could be local. Since others didn't get the same issue, then I can point the finger at TWC. Again. If I could remember if they had switched TNT to SDV I'd be more certain, but in any case that entire scene was unwatchable as soon as fast action started.

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Originally Posted by VisionOn View Post

Yes it's my TV. Years on this forum and watching thousands of hours of television and I still can't figure out if there's something wrong with the television. Even though I've mentioned the TNT feed breaking up previously in this thread. rolleyes.gif
Note the use of the word "here" indicating I know the problem could be local. Since others didn't get the same issue, then I can point the finger at TWC. Again. If I could remember if they had switched TNT to SDV I'd be more certain, but in any case that entire scene was unwatchable as soon as fast action started.
I have definitely seen earlier episodes of "The Closer" look as if they were squeezed through a screen door with dancing pixelated blocks of colors to boot. This ep was fine for me though in the video dept.
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The Closer is my all time favorite drama. Second is Monk, although it's almost as much comedy as drama. My #3 is probably The Mentalist. Others comprising my top twelve or so available anywhere from OTA, cable sub or satellite sub within past year or so: Blue Bloods, Bones, Criminal Minds, Harry's Law, SVU, L&O: Criminal Intent, Law & Order, Major Crimes, Person of Interest. Of current production drama series on major networks, I watch none from ABC, only SVU on NBC & only Bones on Fox.

Since the first Major Crimes episode, I've completely stopped even sampling new original series that come from USA and TNT due to the annoying overlays and siamese scheduling. I've also stopped sampling new from NBC, both because of dearth of commercial space between programs and because my local affiliate WFLA seems incapable of providing both left and right sound full time even over cable, from which its signal plays musical channels (see Magnavox DVR thread here for details).

My TV is lit during most waking hours, while my speakers are enabled considerably less. One of PIP or POP is active most of the time, and occasionally both TV PIP and input source PIP are active at once to allow recordings and channel changes to be correctly matched to events that cannot otherwise be captured in full due to common anti-timeshift shortage of commercials between programs.

The Last Word

I just spent several hours comparing the commercial-stripped final Closer episode "The Last Word" original airing on TNT to the syndication showing from last weekend. TNT's is about 7 minutes longer, not counting credit roll following last scene. Left column below is a mix of audio and video markers. First two columns of numbers are seconds elapsed when the marker's first full opacity or syllable appears, the third the difference between the two (except for the omissions from the syndication version), and to the right a few calculations of omission durations.
                                                 TNT orig Synd  Diff
title screen                                          13    12     1
kyra sedgewick                                        29    26     3
j k simmons                                           37    44    -7
corey reynolds                                        55    53     2
robert gossett                                        72    62    10
g w bailey                                            89    78    11
tony denison                                          97    86    11
michael paul chan                                    103    92    11
raymond cruz                                         126   115    11
phillip p keene                                      144   130    14
mary mcdonnell                                       154   139    15
jon tenney                                           164   149    15
billy burke                                          173   158    15
jonathan del arco                                    180   165    15
ransford doherty                                     184   172    12
kathe mazur                                          191   182     9
adrian latourelle                                    199   187    12
graham patrick martin                                204   250   -46
shirt too                                            215   198    17
just take it off                                     221   204    17
cell phone rings                                     246   229    17
consulting producer gil garcetti                     267   318   -51
shovel knocks rusty off cliff                        327   302    25
consulting producer jim leonard                      341   321    20
producer sheelin choksey                             347   325    22
911 whats your emergency                             371   330    41
cell phone into barrel                               415   373    42
supervising producer ronald d chong                  421   379    42
supervising producer mike berchem                    438   396    42
supervising producer michael alaimo                  443   400    43
supervising producer duppy demetrius                 447   405    42
supervising producer leo geter                       455   409    46
maybe I should ask your wife                         473   430    43
co-executive producer steven kane                    475   414    61
co-executive producer adam belanoff                  479   428    51
produced by andrew j sacks                           484   434    50
executive producer kyra sedgwick                     492   441    51
let me cooperate please                              511   465    46
executive producer rick wallace                      512   450    62
executive producer james duff                        517   467    50
whats the boys name                                  539   493    46
executive producers greer shephard & michael m r     573   473   100
created by james duff                                578   518    60
written by james duff & mike berchem                 584   521    63
directed by michael m robin                          588   536    52
now the guy he leaves in a different direction       608   555    53
the man leaving that store is philip stroh           653   600    53
CH2                                                  663   610    53
is there anything more substantial to get a sear     682   628    54
other than him meeting him at the department sto     685     0
this man is stroh, it is                             718   631    87
how about this                                       745   658    87
thank you captain thank you                          774   687    87
someone tried to kill me last night                  781     0         779
Id like a hamburger                                  787     0         830    51
provenza closes door                                 829   694   135
how much more of this has to fit his profile         876   734   142
so his MO is not exactly the same, but               890     0
i am not preventing anyone from asking for a war     893   742   151
gabrielle isnt the suspect today                     935   784   151
instead of going after him you go after me           980   829   151
I dont have a father and my mother left             1042   887   155
I like the view from up there                       1100   944   156
you saw his face                                    1191  1035   156
thats a fair trade                                  1239  1083   156
I can do that                                       1261  1105   156
look natural                                        1269  1112   157
I hate the cops too                                 1275     0        1271
the food never comes                                1278     0        1279     8
whats going on here                                 1279  1116   163     6
CH3                                                 1300  1137   163
what did rusty say?                                 1384  1217   167
where the bad men go                                1448  1281   167
might as well get a look and see how this licens    1478     0        1460
(end cut)                                           1527  1306   221  1527    67
hello rusty                                         1549  1326   223
i thought she wasnt going to pick up stroh witho    1588  1363   225
with the entire justice system                      1711  1475   236
chief, Im getting irritated                         1717     0
lets review                                         1724  1482   242
stroh strikes elevator down button                  1780  1538   242
get her outta here                                  1842  1600   242
CH4                                                 1878  1635   243
get this stuff off of me                            1963  1720   243
I run screaming from the building                   1994  1751   243
cut point                                           1998     0       82 seconds: whole job offer
OK rusty come with me                               2065     0       section & more rusty dialog
(end cut)                                           2079  1754   325
you must have been really hungry                    2105  1780   325
how is it different from the linguini               2116     0
rusty, I need your help                             2139  1791   348
he wants to kill you too                            2157  1808   349
I cant go on like that                              2205  1857   348
its not your job you're fired                       2257  1909   348
well do a national search                           2288  1935   353
stroh kitchen entrance with knife to rusty          2347  1994   353
4 gunshots                                          2459  2104   355
CH5                                                 2560  2205   355
chief johnson refuses to cooperate                  2573  2218   355
honestly captain                                    2599  2239   360
we need to restructure                              2610     0
chief johnson gave me this letter                   2617  2247   370
she has a great job offer                           2627  2255   372
thats the official story anyway                     2671  2299   372
give her your gift                                  2693  2318   375
let her go                                          2695  2320   375
well see about that, I hear rumors                  2743  2368   375
I mean, you have to                                 2755     0        2755
I need to spend some more time thinking about th    2765     0
yall find rustys mother                             2772     0
I know it, we will                                  2784     0
tao, the present                                    2791  2383   408  2791    36
I hope we found the right one                       2806  2398   408
thats what it looks like, it looks like love        2855  2446   409
black from closing elevator doors                   2907  2489   418 6.967 minutes difference

To one who never saw the finale, the cuts shouldn't be missed, but as one who just can't get too much Closer having seen the original finale more than once, I find the syndication cut disappointing on multiple levels.

Note that these times are from self made recordings from commercially sponsored HD showings. I have no way to know how much compression or expansion is used on the original master. My feeling is TNT is usually using trivial to minor compression, in part at least since episode lengths vary so little. I can't play the two in sync from any given matchup, as TNT's walks ahead fairly steadily when I compare other late series episodes not obviously edited differently. The syndication versions of the first several seasons all run in the vicinity of 2-3 minutes longer than TNTs not counting trailing credits crushed through @3X speed or 1/4 size if not omitted.

While all syndicated episode versions are cleaner from the lack of TNT's abundance of annoying overlays, there is plenty of censorship in the form of missing syllables or words, e.g. ass?o?e typically is shorted to blank or just ass. Occasionally there is scene cutting for no apparent reason. One of the saddest scene cuts is the end of season two's episode three, Slippin'. The syndication version ends "[momma] Brenda Leigh, it's much too late for that." TNT's is "[momma] Brenda Leigh, it's much too late for that. [brenda] Are you going to tell daddy about this? [momma] Oh Lord no." (& chuckles from both)[roll credits]

While I liked the Major Crimes transition and mini season, I'm not too sure that it is worth the pain of watching TNT. It may well depend on what it's up against if and when it returns. It's a little ironic that if it hits TNT in the old time slot and Fox doesn't change its in the mean time, that Kevin Bacon will not be one to beat his spouse's legacy.

Genuine HD via ATSC and BUD satellite DVB.
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