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Stereodude's Avatar Stereodude 06:58 AM 12-09-2005
Originally Posted by BJM
At one point while watching I was actually pondering if they had hired a bunch of third graders to work the cameras. Absolutely amazing piss poor job. This could have been a stellar piece of eye candy but as it was I found it almost impossible to watch.
It's not an easy situation to shoot in. You've got somewhat low light which means large apertures on the cameras, which give you shallow DoF (Depth of Field). Then, you've got the models walking towards you, and away from you to further complicate things. I've seen a lot of out of focus shots in primetime shows where the people aren't moving, or where they lean back an inch and get noticably fuzzy.

Don't get me started about CBS and their intentional softening/blurring of the faces of a few of the women on the various CSI shows though.
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DrCrawn's Avatar DrCrawn 02:00 PM 12-09-2005
Originally Posted by Al Shing
We get a lot of pixelation on our CBS HD (KIRO Seattle), so it probably is multicasting. There were a lot of freezes and dropouts on this broadcast, which we normally don't get on this channel.
Yes KIRO does indeed multicast. They usually show the SeaTac airport...but it seems lately the have had actual commercials and shows on the sub channel. As much as it stinks, I don't think this was the problem at all.

If this had been a football game, people around here would have been much more harsh on the PQ, which was just plain terrible across the board. I would have liked to see this show done in 720p to see if it would alleviate some of the blocking and strobe light blocking.
wezar's Avatar wezar 11:33 PM 12-09-2005
You know I understand how folks could be seeking perfection in this medium. Just the same I am amazed at the improvement I have witnessed over the last 6 years. This was a great presentation. Not perfect but the last time I checked, neither Komo or CBS have received a dime from me.

Its not football or auto racing but for some reason I really enjoyed this :)
Mac The Knife's Avatar Mac The Knife 01:50 PM 12-11-2005
Originally Posted by DrCrawn
.... I would have liked to see this show done in 720p to see if it would alleviate some of the blocking and strobe light blocking.
Last season on American Idol, there was a bunch of blocking due to strobe lights during one of Carrie Underwood's performances. So 720p doesn't seem to help with that issue (although AI was live, so perhaps it would have been better if they weren't doing real-time encoding).

Just curious, does anyone know how the Victoria's Secret show was shot?

Was it shot on film and then transferred or was it shot with HD cameras an encoded in real-time?
scowl's Avatar scowl 02:17 PM 12-11-2005
Originally Posted by BJM
Indeed, it might as well have been broadcast in SD. What a shame.
Oh I wouldn't go that far. Once the models stopped moving, I had no complaints about what I was seeing whatsoever. No reason to throw out the hot babe with the bathwater.
efranzen's Avatar efranzen 04:32 PM 12-11-2005
I thought the quality of the broadcast on KIRO here in Seattle was pretty bad. This was the very first program I watched on my brand new 61" JVC 1080p. I thought the image quality was so bad that I actually had to force myself to watch it all the way through. Yeah, I know, like that should have ever been a consideration when thinking about the Victoria's Secret girls in HD. Once the program was over it got immediately deleted without even a second thought given to putting it on D-VHS. I was very disappointed.
dishbacker's Avatar dishbacker 01:08 PM 12-13-2005
So, this is on tonight... anyone know if UPN will be showing it in HD?
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