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Old 05-27-2016, 10:36 AM
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Originally Posted by CANNON-FODDER View Post
But the British chapter of the (wo)Men of Letters has a point, they have generally been the cause of the need to save Earth.

I really thought that whole sequence with the rich British lady was going to be the guardian of that kid who could "wish" anything. I thought he was going to be the deus ex machina who fixes everything.

I guess it could be debated if they caused everything or were they there to fix it and what they did was needed to resolve larger issues (e.g. they closed heaven and caused Angels to fall but did they really need to do that in the long run to resolve that whole Angel battle/issues, etc.)

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Old 05-27-2016, 06:52 PM
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Given that the original 5-season story arc ultimately culminated in Sam & Dean being supposed to fight to the death, possessed by Michael and Lucifer, to bring on Armageddon... arguably everything that happened after that was kinda Sam & Dean's fault... their wonky deals to bring each other back with consequences... they even set loose Lucifer in season 4 as well... but all the stuff they let go as a result of killing some other thing they also let go... you could make the case that the world would perhaps have been better off IF Sam & Dean had fought to the death and let the angels take over.

That's not a complaint about the show, mind you... I'm talking in-show canon logic at work, where IF you live in their world and know all the stuff they've been up to... then you know they've caused half of the stuff while trying to prevent the other half, lather, rinse, repeat!

Sam & the mysterious woman... don't know how that will play out.

Dean & mom. In the early days Sam knew nothing about his mom and Dean really missed her... shaped them both to a degree. Dean getting the mom he lost back would be a big thing to his character... except... the mom he knew and lost... wasn't really who she was... as we find out later that she was a hunter... Dean never knew that... neither did Sam/Dean's dad... a whole lot of their earlier development would have played out a whole lot differently I suspect IF they knew their mom had been a hunter and wasn't just a random killing by a demon.

So I'm kind of looking forward to that... hoping Amara truly brought back Dean's mom, without any "fixes" or anything... but the real mom, who won't be the mom Dean thought he knew as a kid, since he met her as an adult and knows about her... also, with the Angel mind wipe, mom shouldn't know she met Sam & Dean when she was younger... unless Amara fixed that bit.

Anyway, I'm actually looking forward to how that spins.
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Old 07-04-2016, 11:32 PM
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Originally Posted by HDMe2 View Post
God in our image vs us in his... what's the distinction? IF we are made in his image, then it's reasonable to expect that our flaws are his flaws. He would be unable to fix things in his creations (us) that he was unable to accept and address about himself.

So he gives us the same free will that he has, hoping perhaps to observe our mistakes and learn how to avoid them himself... only to see that we basically just do the same kinds of things he would do as we try to amass more and more power over time to approach the potential of his level of creation and destruction.

IF God were perfect, wouldn't his creations be perfect? IF God doesn't make mistakes, why would his creations make mistakes? The only way the "in his image" works is if he has the same flaws as we do, just with more power to back them up...

As for the all-knowing... IF he knows we are flawed and he will have to destroy us and start over... then he isn't infallable, and his "all-knowing" isn't of much value... I mean, if you know hitting yourself with a hammer is bad but you hit yourself with a hammer anyway, what good was that "power" of knowing the future?

There are flaws in this storyline, to be sure... but the representation of God as being semi-impotent doesn't stand out as a major one to me.

I'm not sure where they're going with this, though... because the introduction of God/Amara this season kind of hits the ceiling on powerful adversaries it would seem... I don't know exactly where they go from here... though I suppose it could still be fun IF instead of wiping everything out, Amara turns out to be a better God than Chuck... and actually gives us world peace BUT without free will, perhaps, which gives the boys something to fight against... next year could be the war against peace!
The use of the word image might be better served by its meaning which is likenesses , similitude, pattern or resemblance. This really also only applies to Adam (while woman was still inside) and when separated and then married the two become one again an reflect the God head. This does not apply to male and female as single.
Now as far as the show, I'm at a lost for words
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