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TV Notes
On The Air Tonight
SATURDAY Network Primetime/Late Night Options
(All shows are in HD unless noted; start times are ET. Late night shows are preceded by late local news)

8PM - Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
(R - Mar. 11)
9PM - 20/20
10PM - 20/20

8PM - 48 Hours
9PM - Hawaii Five-0
(R - Jan. 31)
10PM - 48 Hours

8PM - Crossbones
9PM - Crossbones
10PM - Law & Order: Special Victims Unit
(R - Jan. 15)
* * * *
11:29PM - Saturday Night Live (Jim Parsons hosts; Beck performs, 93 min.)
(R - Mar. 1)

8PM - Brooklyn Nine-Nine
(R - Oct. 1)
8:30PM - Brooklyn Nine-Nine
(R - Oct. 8)
9PM - Gang Related
(R - Jul. 31)
* * * *
11PM - Animation Domination High-Def (60 min.)

(check your local listing for starting time/programming)
8PM - Austin City Limits (Jim James; The Black Angels) (R - Nov. 16)

8PM - Sábado Gigante (Three Hours)

7PM - Movie: Eagle Eye (2008)
9PM - Fútbol Mexicano Primera División: Club Leon vs. Monarcas Morelia (LIVE)
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TV Sports/Business Notes
Deep-Pocketed Bayern Munich Is Open for Business in U.S.
By Richard Sandomir, The New York Times - Aug. 1, 2014

Bayern Munich, the mightiest of the clubs in Germany’s Bundesliga, picked an appropriate time to begin building a year-round presence in the United States.

It won five titles last year, including the trophies for the Champions League and the European Super Cup, and the Bundesliga signed a global television deal with 21st Century Fox.

Germany won the World Cup last month with seven Bayern players; eight others were also on World Cup rosters.

Now the team is in the United States, having defeated Chivas Guadalajara of Mexico, 1-0, on Thursday night at Red Bull Arena in Harrison, N.J., before facing the Major League Soccer All-Stars on Wednesday at Providence Park in Portland, Ore. The trip is part of Bayern’s plan to make fans feel closer to the team of Thomas Müller, Franck Ribéry and Arjen Robben while adding revenue it would not make in Munich.

“We are coming to the States, and we are staying here,” said Rudolf Vidal, the managing director of Bayern’s United States division, which has a mandate to market sponsorship possibilities to American companies and sell merchandise to American fans through a new website and online store.

The revenue will help finance transfer fees, further bolstering a profitable club that has been valued at $1.85 billion by Forbes.

“That’s what it’s all about,” Vidal, a former goalkeeper for Bayern’s youth team, said last week during an interview at the club’s newly opened office in Midtown.

The decision to open an office in New York, and another in Asia next year, came in July 2013 after the hiring of Jörg Wacker as Bayern’s head of internationalization and strategy.

“He felt we needed new revenues in different markets, and he came to identify these markets,” Vidal said. “And with partners like Audi, Allianz and Adidas” — each of which owns 8.3 percent of the team — “they wanted us to come to the United States first.” Adidas, an M.L.S. sponsor, has a strong link to Bayern through Hubert Hainer, the chief executive of Adidas, who is supervisory board chairman of Bayern.

Don Garber, the M.L.S. commissioner, said, “There’s a real connection between us, like a triumvirate of M.L.S., Adidas and Bayern doing something that’s good for the sport.”

So now a club that has not played a summer exhibition in the United States since 2004 is trying to become a major part of the American sports scene.

“We knew when we came here, we had to do more than play one game and go home,” Vidal said.

The strategy behind establishing a full-time United States office was conceived shortly before the Fox deal with the Bundesliga, which, in the United States, will start in 2015 and last for five years. That will give Bayern and the league a boost with American audiences that could be similar to the success NBCSN had last season with Premier League games from England.

“Bayern is without a doubt the dominant team in the Bundesliga,” said David Nathanson, the chief operating officer of Fox Sports 1 and 2, which will show the league’s games. “They’ve had some great rivals, but ultimately, it is the winningest team in Germany. For them to be a global powerhouse, opening an office in New York will let them have more touch points in this country.”

Continue reading the main storyContinue reading the main story
International soccer clubs have long traveled to North America in the summer to play exhibitions as part of their preseason training. Real Madrid, Barcelona, Milan and Manchester United have used these trips to expand their fan bases, which in recent years have increasingly been able to watch European and South American clubs on television.

But while the summer games have become a regular part of the sports landscape, few teams have opened permanent offices in the United States. Two European clubs, Liverpool and Roma, have offices in Boston because they have American owners. Barcelona once had an office in New York but closed it. Meanwhile, Manchester City is in a partnership with the Yankees to create New York City F.C., an M.L.S. expansion team that will start play next year at Yankee Stadium.

Vidal said it was essential to the club’s strategy to open an office in Manhattan rather than try to manage its American efforts from Munich.

“To make a difference, to take it really seriously, it’s better to be here,” he said. “People say, ‘Wow, you have an office here.’ You have to be on-site and face the market.”

From Boston, Liverpool has done some of what Bayern wants to do. But Liverpool has the advantage of its tie to the Boston Red Sox, through the mutual ownership of John Henry.

“We have an active sales team that sells Liverpool regularly,” said Billy Hogan, the chief commercial officer for Liverpool, which is touring the United States for the second time in three years. “In the U.S., it’s about partnerships with companies like Dunkin’ Donuts and Subway and developing new relationships that will bring the club and fans closer together.”

Hogan said Liverpool’s sponsorship with Warrior Sports, which makes club apparel, began when the company’s parent, New Balance, passed on making a deal.

“Warrior had no presence in football, but they said, ‘Let’s see the power of what a global brand can do,’ ” Hogan added.

That is similar to the Bayern message Vidal said he was pitching to sponsors — an association with a team that has nearly 300 million supporters around the world and is the most successful squad in a league that might be playing the best soccer in the world.

“Companies can get a huge audience out of doing business with us,” Vidal said.

Mark Noonan, a former executive with M.L.S. and U.S. Soccer, said there was little downside to Bayern’s efforts.

“This is about the global companies with headquarters in the U.S. that Bayern Munich can get close to,” he said.

Bayern wants to link corporations to the team’s tradition and to a roster with Robben, Müller, Mario Götze, Bastian Schweinsteiger and Julian Green, the 19-year-old German-American who played for the United States national team in the World Cup in Brazil and scored the team’s only goal in its loss to Belgium.

Garber said Bayern’s decision to expand its business to the United States came as it and other clubs in the league had added players of various nations and ethnicities.

“They do a good job of managing their league, but it had been, until recently, somewhat insular,” he said. “Now that’s changed, and they finally said, ‘Let’s take the next step.’ ”
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TV Notes
'Masters of Sex' artfully exposes a myth of masculinity
By Yvonne Villareal, Los Angeles Times - Aug. 1, 2014

It turns out that the pioneering sex researcher William Masters in "Masters of Sex" is most exposed when cloaked in a plush white bathrobe.

The July 27 episode of the highly praised Showtime drama had viewers more on edge than the moments before a physician delivers test results. The episode pivoted on Michael Sheen's stellar performance as the famous sex researcher who slowly peeled back the Band-Aid on a very troubled childhood and then quickly re-applied it.

After delivering a baby with ambiguous genitalia, and later becoming incensed by the harsh reaction from the newborn's father, Masters found himself reflecting on his own struggles with masculinity to research partner Virginia Johnson (Lizzy Caplan) during a secret hotel rendezvous. With nothing but a bathrobe as his armor, Masters became the patient.

"He did me a favor," Sheen said in the scene where he tells of suffering a broken nose at the hands of his father at age 14. "He made me the man I am today."

It was a commanding point in the slow-burn of the icy character as the modest-performing show settles into its second season. For the man who has thrived in Hollywood's world of historical fiction — playing real-life characters in film such as David Frost in "Frost/Nixon" and former British Prime Minister Tony Blair in "The Queen" — the Welsh native has established himself as one of television's premiere actors. His depiction of the sex researcher as one of TV's least sympathetic anti-heroes has been revered by critics — many took issue with his omission from this year's Emmy race.

Over a recent breakfast, Sheen reviewed the intricacies of the confounding character whose work help set the stage for the sexual revolution. As he cut into two poached eggs, the 45-year-old actor motioned to the oozing yolk with his eyes.

"That will never be Bill," he said. "You won't see his feelings spill out, but he gave us a little something in that episode."

After a pause, he elaborated.

"The road to happiness can often be a road of awfulness in getting there," he added. "Bill has become the person he's become and he's adapted to life and dealt with things the ways he's dealt with them because of stuff that happened to him when he was younger, but it's not really working for him. What it's created is kind of a prison. And, yeah, he'd like to be free from that prison, but there's a part of him that made that prison for a reason, and he doesn't want to leave it. It's too scary. And I find that so damn interesting, I have to say. It's like he's the Walter White journey in reverse."

When viewers met Masters, he was a prominent but uptight OB-GYN physician at Washington University School of Medicine who was also a detached husband to a doting wife (Caitlin FitzGerald). He soon became fixated on the study of sex, a taboo subject particularly for an academic in the 1950s. Eventually, to pursue his passion, he enlisted Johnson to help conduct research — the two eventually began a sexual relationship.

The near constant in Masters' character is that he's a jerk much of the time. It's a boldly honest approach to a character that dares to buck TV's hang-ups with likability, Sheen said. And like Masters, Sheen isn't here to play nice and make friends.

Michelle Ashford, who developed the series from Thomas Maier's biography of the same name, initially gave consideration to making Masters slightly warmer and more palatable for viewers. The decision was being weighed during a time when audiences were actually rooting for "Breaking Bad's" meth-dealing Walter White.

But Sheen fought against softening his character to please viewers.

"There's a scene in Oliver Stone's film 'Nixon' where [Richard] Nixon points to a painting of JFK, and he says, 'When they look at you, they see what they want to be. When they look at me, they see what they are,'" he said in his best Anthony Hopkins-as-Nixon impersonation. "Most TV characters are who people want to be, even if it's Walter White.

"Sure, Don Draper isn't a pleasant character, but he looks gorgeous, and everyone wants to sleep with him. I don't look like that! And I want to make that a strength. At the same time, I have an absolute responsibility to be totally rigorous in making sure that he's a real person. Why shouldn't the audience have a character that's about all their worst qualities?"

The role was presented to Sheen during his run as Hamlet in a controversial production in London in late 2011. The call was Ashford's first glimpse of Sheen's intensity.

"He was really listening more than he was asking a ton of questions," Ashford said. "Since then, the back and forth between the two of us as to who Bill is and what makes him tick and what makes him weak is a true collaboration. You can't even say he's been invaluable to the process. He just is the process. We talk on the phone, by email, in his trailer — we talk all the time about this character. The way we're able to follow this character for a long time really stirs something in Michael."

Over breakfast, Sheen displays an equal curiosity over the medium's state of metamorphosis — the way it's consumed; its multi-platformness. The fascination has spurred him to begin developing his own projects for television. In doing research, he's read over some TV outlines — among them was the original series overview of HBO's "True Detective."

"In the very opening line, it's described as a 'literary,'" Sheen said. "It hit me like a bullet because I've been thinking about that. I feel like that is what this new version of TV is kind of becoming. It's a cross between a novel and a film. The way you can layer and reveal characters in this space is just so fascinating to me.

"It's why I'm OK with being the [jerk] in your living room. At least I'm not a [jerk] trying to cover it up."

'Masters of Sex'
Where: Showtime
When: 10 p.m. Sunday
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TV Notes
Ellen Pompeo to produce financial meltdown drama for ABC Family
By Jake Perlman, - Aug. 1, 2014

After years in front of the camera, it looks like Grey’s Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo is ready to go behind the scenes.

The actress will executive produce Debt, a satire of the 2008 financial meltdown in New York based on Rachel Carey’s 2013 novel of the same name. The project for ABC Family begins a new trend under recently appointed head Tom Ascheim: programs targeted toward older women. The story follows a young woman in her 20s who works as an SAT tutor to pay off her college loans and discovers that everyone she knows is in somebody’s “debt.” Currently in development, the series has not yet hired a writer. The Hollywood Reporter first broke the news.

Pompeo, who recently signed a deal that will keep her on the popular ABC medical drama through its 12th season, first tried her hand at producing with her company Calamity Jane, but was unable to follow through on a script sold to ABC.
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