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TV Notes
On The Air Tonight
FRIDAY Network Primetime/Late Night Options
(All shows are in HD unless noted; start times are ET. Network late night shows are preceded by late local news)

8PM - Last Man Standing
8:30PM - Cristela
9PM - Shark Tank
10PM - 20/20
* * * *
11:35PM - Jimmy Kimmel Live! (Jim Carrey; Bellamy Young; Oran "Juice" Jones performs)
(R - Nov. 13)
12:37AM - Nightline

8PM - The Amazing Race
9PM - Hawaii Five-0
10PM - Blue Bloods
* * * *
11:35PM - Late Show with David Letterman (James Corden; author Norman Lear; TV on the Radio performs)
12:37AM - Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (Cillian Murphy; Jennifer Carpenter; Metallica performs)

8PM - Dateline NBC
9PM - Grimm
10PM - Constantine
* * * *
11:34PM - The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon (Julianne Moore; Michael Cera; Kid Rock performs)
12:36AM - Late Night with Seth Myers (Taylor Schilling; screenwriter Aaron Sorkin; comic Mike Lawrence)
(R - Nov. 13)
1:37AM - Last Call with Carson Daly (Cristin Milioti; Bleached performs; director Tommy Wirkola)
(R - Oct. 8)

8PM - MasterChef: Junior Edition
(R - Nov. 18)
9PM - Gotham
(R - Nov. 10)

(check your local listing for starting time/programming)
8PM - Washington Week With Gwen Ifill
8:30PM - Charlie Rose This Week
9PM - Great Performances: Cats (120 min.)

8PM - Mi Corazón Es Tuyo
9PM - Hasta El Fin del Mundo
10PM - La Malquerida

8PM - Whose Line Is It Anyway?
8:30PM - Whose Line Is It Anyway?
(R - Nov. 7)
9PM - America's Next Top Model

8PM - Reina de Corazones
9PM - Los Miserables
10PM - Señora Acero

10PM - Real Time with Bill Maher (LIVE; John Cleese; Seth Rogen; author Chrystia Freeland; journalist Chris Matthews; journalist Roland Martin)
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TV Notes
New Leader at CBS News as Another Returns to ‘60 Minutes’
By Bill Carter, The New York Times - Nov. 21, 2014

CBS News announced a shake-up in leadership on Thursday, elevating David Rhodes to the top position in the division, while moving the chairman, Jeff Fager, back to running the network’s flagship news program, “60 Minutes,” full time.

CBS cast the moves as an orderly transition that was set in motion four years ago when Leslie Moonves, the CBS chief executive, asked Mr. Fager to take over supervision of the news division while remaining as executive producer of “60 Minutes.”

In a memo to staff members, Mr. Moonves described the decision as largely Mr. Fager’s.

“Jeff has convinced me that the time has arrived for the next step in the plan we implemented almost four years ago,” Mr. Moonves wrote, which he said was for Mr. Rhodes to assume leadership as soon as he “got to know the organization.”

In his own memo, Mr. Fager said of Mr. Rhodes, “I hired him almost four years ago with this moment in mind, and he has exceeded all expectations.”

Mr. Rhodes’s title will not change: He will remain president of CBS News. Mr. Fager will give up his title of chairman.

Mr. Fager’s dual role was unusual; the president of the network news division had always been a full-time position. “60 Minutes,” however, has had only two executive producers in its history — Don Hewitt, who founded the program, and Mr. Fager, who succeeded him in 2004.

Under Mr. Fager, “60 Minutes” has continued to be, by far, the most successful prime-time news program in television. And under his leadership CBS has made improvements both in its evening news and morning news ratings.

But the division has endured some turbulence as well during Mr. Fager’s tenure, with “60 Minutes,” coincidentally, at the center of its most troubling incident.

In October 2013, the “60 Minutes” correspondent Lara Logan presented a report about the attacks on the United States Embassy in Benghazi that was subsequently discredited for basing its reporting on a deceptive source. The program was compelled to issue a correction and an apology to viewers. Ms. Logan was suspended for seven months.

Mr. Fager took ultimate responsibility for the errors in the report, saying in a memo to the staff: “As executive producer, I am responsible for what gets on the air. I pride myself in catching almost everything, but this deception got through and it shouldn’t have.”

At the time some CBS News staff members questioned how effectively Mr. Fager could lead the division and run “60 Minutes.”

On Thursday, Mr. Moonves wrote in his memo of Mr. Fager’s work and decision to commit himself solely to the producer’s job, “It is remarkable that he has been capable of excelling at both roles for so long, and I fully understand this action on his part.”
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Critic's/Nielsen Notes
We’re Still a Long Way Away From Knowing How Many People Watch Netflix and Amazon Shows
By Josef Adalian, (New York Magazine) - Nov. 20, 2014

TV ratings wonks were temporarily thrown into a tizzy Tuesday night over a report that numbers giant Nielsen was going to start measuring viewership for streaming services Netflix and Amazon Prime. Both companies have declined to reveal substantial viewership stats, arguing that such measurements are irrelevant (or, at least, less relevant) under their subscription-based business model. But the story in The Wall Street Journal had data junkies rejoicing: We’ll finally know exactly how many people are watching Orange Is the New Black, or whether anyone has actually seen a full episode of Hemlock Grove! Except maybe not. It turns out that Nielsen’s new streaming ratings are probably not going to be the comprehensive yardstick yearned for by quantification addicts.

Nielsen hasn’t issued a press release or statement about its plans, but according to the Journal, starting next month, the company will use its existing in-home metering devices to analyze audio patterns of Netflix and Amazon Prime shows, and then use that information to come up with a metric for how many people are streaming said shows. This tech doesn’t require the subscription-video companies to give their permission, the paper noted. It’s also not comprehensive, since Nielsen’s audio gimmick doesn’t yet work on mobile devices such as iPads or cell phones. This is no small detail: One industry insider familiar with the streaming space says a substantial percentage of Netflix and Amazon viewership takes place via mobile, more so than for traditional broadcast and cable networks. Whatever numbers Nielsen comes up will be incomplete until the company figures out a way to count mobile streams. (The Journal says Nielsen is “working” on that.)

An even bigger question, however, is which Netflix and Amazon programming Nielsen plans to measure. The Journal story only addresses one type of content: TV shows the services license from outside studios (such as Scandal on Netflix or Under the Dome on Amazon). Right now, when a program supplier such as Warner Bros. TV or ABC Studios strikes a deal to put its content on a streaming service, it does so without knowing exactly what sort of benefit that service gets from its show. It could be that 20 percent of all Netflix viewing comes from folks catching up on Breaking Bad, for all the studios know. Or it could be the reason ratings for New Girl are down so much in recent years is because folks now watch the show a year later on Netflix. Nielsen senior vice-present Brian Fuhrer told the Journal that his company’s new data stream means “our clients will be able to look at their programs and understand: Is putting content on Netflix impacting the viewership” on other platforms?

What the Journal story doesn’t mention at all is whether Nielsen has any plans to tally viewership for original content produced exclusively for Netflix and Amazon — shows such as Orange, Transparent, and House of Cards. In theory, it would seem the same Nielsen tech that measures the audio on Scandal could also pick up whatever House of Cards sounds like. One industry insider, however, wonders whether Nielsen would bother spending the time and money to measure Netflix and Amazon originals unless a specific client were willing to foot the bill for it. The Journal notes that, at least initially, “companies will be able to view program ratings only for their own content,” though ultimately the ratings would able to subscribe to a broader measurement. Netflix and Amazon, however, are never going to pay Nielsen to measure their shows, since both companies have much more accurate internal figures. There’s one possible wrinkle, however: Some Netflix shows, including House of Cards, are produced by outside companies and licensed exclusively to Netflix. It’s conceivable one of those companies — Media Rights Capital, in the case of Cards— could decide it wants hard viewership figures for its shows, either to strike a better deal or to use as leverage in selling the show in markets where Netflix doesn’t have rights. But this is all speculation, and even if MRC or another company were to pay Nielsen to measure its shows, there’s no guarantee the rest of us would see that information. The bottom line: We’re still probably a long way away from seeing streaming shows listed alongside network shows on Nielsen’s weekly ratings charts.
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TV Review
'Cats': A musical memory fine-tuned for TV
PBS has tweaked a 1997 staging of Andrew Lloyd Weber's classic musical. Don't try to watch it on your iPad.
By David Hinckley, New York Daily News - Nov. 20, 2014

There wasn't much reason not to see "Cats" on Broadway, since it ran there for approximately as long as the Middle Ages.

But if you somehow missed it, or more likely just want to relive the moment, PBS has polished up this 1997 London staging with a new orchestra and some tweaks to the video.

The fine Elaine Page stars as Grizabella, the queen mother cat who gets the spotlight musical moment when she sings "Memory."

It practically defines the term "grandiose" in framing a musical theater performance.

The strength of "Cats," one of Andrew Lloyd Webber's several theater institutions, lies in its staging, choreography and costumes.

It's not that they're the best ever, just that they blend into the non-stop spectacle that kept "Cats" a must-see among Broadway visitors long after the regular Broadway crowd had seen it.

The music, now as then, feels overblown, though it's arguable that's part of its appeal.

As for seeing it on television, this is a case where there's a direct correlation between the size of your TV screen and the splendor of what's happening on stage.

Don't try to watch this on your phone, kids. Don't even bother.

Truth is, not even the highest definition cameras can capture the experience of watching a live performance. There's so much going on with the real live three-dimensional stage, even among performers standing still, that a camera focused on the featured performers eliminates.

And for all that, fans of "Cats" will find this free televised production a treat. There's a reason half the world watched it on Broadway.

Network/Air Date: PBS, Friday at 9 p.m.
Rating: ★★★ (out of five)
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Originally Posted by dad1153 View Post
TV Notes
TV lights up holiday season with new programming
By Rob Owen, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette's 'Tuned In' Blog - Nov. 21, 2014

HBO ordered a remake of the 1970s sci-fi drama “Westworld” to series. The show, executive produced by J.J. Abrams (“Star Trek: Into Darkness”) and writer/director Jonathan Nolan (“Person of Interest”), stars Anthony Hopkins, Ed Harris, Evan Rachel Wood, James Marsden, Jeffrey Wright and Thandie Newton.
Wait... what??
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Bye Bye Aereo . . .

Don't ever make the MISTAKE of buying a Samsung TV..
They consider THIS
normal on a two month old set..
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ABC’s Thursday lineup of Shonda Rhimes-produced shows, which all air their fall finales tonight.

The lineup has lifted the network to its best start on Thursdays in five years, and a key part of that is “Grey’s Anatomy,” which airs tonight at 8 p.m.

When “Grey’s,” Rhimes’ first program, debuted in 2005, it was a bit of an afterthought.

A midseason replacement that slipped onto the schedule months after ABC’s “Desperate Housewives” and “Lost” had already become smash hits, “Grey’s” did well at first but grew into a sensation the next season, when it aired behind the Super Bowl and suddenly became broadcast’s top scripted series in 18-49s.

The next fall, ABC moved the show to Thursdays, where the network had struggled for years, and immediately gained traction.

But even with “Grey’s” as the 9 p.m. anchor for nearly a decade, ABC has struggled to fill out the rest of its Thursday lineup. It tried to fill the gaping holes with a parade of new shows, only one of which, “Scandal,” worked out.

Finally this season ABC found the right formula: Putting three Rhimes shows right in a row. “Grey’s” moved to 8 p.m. and has ably filled the slot, averaging a 2.6 adults 18-49 Nielsen rating, more than double what the network averaged last year in that hour.

With “Scandal” at 9 p.m. and new hit “How to Get Away with Murder” at 10, ABC has won every Thursday of the November sweeps so far, and figures to do it again tonight. The trio of shows will be back with original episodes in January.[/quote]

Quite an unprecedented run. They might as well call it 'Thank God It's Shonda's Night.'

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Re: Obama's speech. San Diego affiliates carried it live. Not an issue with network programming since it aired at 5:00 PM Pacific time.

Probably same all over Pacific time zone.
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